British made luggage for the music and film industries (Coldplay, Muse & Tinie Tempah to name few) has teamed up with VR to produce the highest quality luggage for all occasions. When only the very best will do - buy British!!  

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VR Racing Bag

VR Racing Bag - Wet & Dry luggage - super cool, high quality, loads of colours and MADE IN GBR!

VR Chill Bag

VR Chill Bag - High quality, durable, super coooool luggage for any sailor.

£44.90 *

VR Regatta Bag

VR Regatta Bag - Super cool, British made, IPad padded pocket with loads of room for everything you need to carry at a regatta.

VR Messenger Bag

VR Messenger Bag - Birish made, amazing quality, super cool colour range and ideal for laptops when travelling around the circuit.

£54.90 *

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