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Harken Small Round Padeye

Harken's Small Round Padeye - you can mount virtually anything you like to it
£107.90 *

Harken Large Round Padeye

Harken's Large Round Padeye
£280.90 *

Harken High-load Medium Round Padeye

Harken's High-load Medium Round Padeye - a compromise between weight and load baring that does not compromise performance
£171.90 *

Harken Small Diamond Padeye

Harken Diamond Padeyes - designed so that they can be grouped very close together
£26.85 *

Harken Large Diamond Padeye

Harken's Diamond Padeye - often multiple of these are mounted at the base of masts in large boats. Their shape means they can be very close.
£34.15 *

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