McLube - Simple the best in lubricants for sailing - SailKote, HullKote and OneDrop - no wonder Harken recommend these as well as Mr VR!


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McLube Hullkote Speed Polish 473ml

McLube Hullkote Speed Polish - Designed for speed and is a must for any sailor wanting to get to the front of the fleet in any boat.


£30.95 *

McLube Sailkote Dry Lubricant 300ml

McLube Sailkote High Performance Dry Lubricant 300ml - for everything that slides!


£19.63 *
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McLube One Drop BB Conditioner

McLube OneDrop Ball Bearing Conditioner - The ultimate in lubricating your blocks and cleats - VR Support Crew "Highly recommended and ideal for the tool box!"

£16.78 *

McLube SailKote Dry Lubricant 946ml

McLube's SailKote High Performance Dry Lubricant - Ideal for anything that moves on the boat but especially sails that need dry coating. 

£79.90 *

McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish 473ml

McLube's Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish - the environmentally friendly antifoul speed polish for everything below the waterline.

£34.05 *

McLube Sailkote Dry Lubricant 470ml

McLube Sailkote Dry Lubricant 470ml - Ideal for everything that slides!

£26.25 *

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