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Spinlock Wrist Guard Support

Spinlock's Wrist Guard - Full support for your wrist when out on the water - highly recommended!

£12.95 *
In stock

Spinlock Emergency Cutter

Spinlock's Emergency S Cutter - Essential piece of safety kit for both yachting and general dinghy sailing

£13.20 *

Spinlock Belt Pack

Spinlock's Belt Pack - Great secure velcro pack ideal for belt, toestrap or harness for those essentials on the water

£14.90 *
In stock

Spinlock Chest Pack

Spinlock's Chest Pack - Small storage for essentials

£14.90 *

Spinlock Tripping Spike

Spinlock Tripping Spike - Ultra light with imporved fid design and shackle key

£20.35 *

Spinlock Side Pack

Spinlock's Side Pack - Great storage for both essentials and water bottle included too!

£22.90 *

Spinlock PXR Race Cleat for 2-6mm

Spinlock's classic PXR Race Cam Cleat - Ideal for 2 to 6mm control linbes with easy release


£28.95 *
In stock

Spinlock Knee Pads

Spinlock Knee Pads - providing that extra support and needed protection when working on larger boats.
£29.90 *

Spinlock PXR Race Cleat Retro Base for 2-6mm

Spinlock's PXR Race Cleat with Retro Base for 2 - 6mm control lines - Ideal for many cleating roles around the boat including the spinnaker


£29.95 *
In stock

Spinlock Race 2 Clip Safety Line (2m)

Spinlock Race Safety Line

From £44.50 *

Spinlock Deck Pack 27L

Spinlock's Deck Pack - 27 Litres and loads of quality fixings and pockets

£39.90 *


You save £4.60
In stock

Spinlock Wing Buoyancy Aid

Spinlock's Wing PFD - Very high spec buoyancy aid - worn by the BAR Team so no better recommendation than Sir Ben!

£64.90 *

Spinlock ZERO Buoyancy Vest

The Spinlock Sports Zero Flotation Vest Range is ergonomic in design to avoid limiting movement - DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

Spinlock Mast Pro Harness

Spinlock's Mast Pro Harness is unequalled for safety, working in the rig.
£89.90 *

Spinlock Rig Sense Tension Gauge

Spinlock Rig Sense Tension Gauge - The rig tension gauge for repeatable rig settings - aid race up and preparation - USED BY THE VR RACE TEAM!

£125.00 *

Spinlock Deckvest Lite Lifejacket

Spinlock Deckvest Lite Lifejacket - Ultralight lifejacket ideal for fastcraft, RIBs and sailing boats - built for lightness and speed!

£139.50 *

Spinlock 150N Pro-Sensor Deckvest

Providing great comfort in all conditions and easy to secure this is now quite a popular Lifejacket. The RYA even promoted them for their instructors.
£219.90 *

Spinlock 150N Hammar Deckvest - Size 1

Spinlock 150N Hammar Deckvest - Providing great comfort in all conditions and easy to secure this is now quite a popular Lifejacket.
£232.60 *

Spinlock 275N Hammar Deckvest - Size 2 (Size: 2)

The Spinlock Deckvest is ergonomic in design, to be as unnoticeable when been worn as possible. The RYA even promoted them for their instructors
£272.45 *

Spinlock Aero Pro PFD

Spinlock Aero Pro PFD - a new step into the future of personal flotation devices - designed for the extreme! 

£119.90 *


You save £15.00

Spinlock Foil Front Zip Buoyancy Aid

Spinlock Foil Front Zip Buoyancy Aid - Three colours and low profile for great access around the boat

£64.90 *

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