Women's Coastal

Women's Coastal

Great portfolio of coastal clothing specifically designed for women by Helly Hansen, Gul, Neil Pryde and Zhik.


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Gill Womens Coast Trousers

Gill's Women's Coast Trousers - Coastal or inshore sailing waterproof salopettes

£124.90 *

Gill Womens Coast Jacket

Gill's Women's Coast Jacket - Entry level ladies yachting jacket for either coastal or inshore

£164.90 *

Gill Womens Coastal Racer Jacket

Gill's Women's Coastal Racer Jacket - Perfect for inshore or coastal regatta with water and wind protection

£184.90 *

Gill OS2 Womens Offshore Coastal Trousers

Gill's OS2 Womens Offshore Coastal Trousers - Offshore/coastal ladies salopettes with drop seat function for total protection and convenience

£219.90 *

Gill OS2 Womens Offshore Coastal Jacket

Gill's OS2 Womens Offshore Coastal Jacket - Made for Offshore or Coastal sailing - perfect protection for any conditions.

£274.90 *

Gill OS1 Womens Offshore Trousers

Gill's OS1 Women's Offshore Trousers - Drop seat function and designed for protection against all the elements

£324.90 *

Gill OC1 Racer Trousers

Gill's OC1 Racer Trousers - Ultimate in ocean and offshore protection for racing yachts

£348.90 *

Gill OS1 Womens Offshore Jacket

Gill's OS1 Womens Offshore Jacket - Perfect protection for ocean crossing or combating the English weather!!

£424.90 *

Gill OC1 Racer Smock

Gill's OC1 Racer Smock - Formidable protection for ocean and offshore yacht racing

£494.90 *

Crewsaver ErgoFit Jacket

Crewsaver's ErgoFit Jacket - Designed for rib driving and coastal sailing 

£69.90 *


You save £59.60

Magic Marine Element Women's 2 Layer Jacket

Magic Marine Element Women's 2 Layer Jacket

£224.90 *

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