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Gill's Mens Pro Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Perfect for those warm summer days or as part of a layering system

£29.90 *

Gill's UV Short Sleeve Rash Vest - 50+ UV protection for sailing in the sun

£26.90 *

Gill's Men's Hydrophobe Long Sleeve Top - Great thermal base layer and ideal as part of a layering system

£48.90 *

Gill's Speedskin Long Sleeve Top - Heat reflective neoprene top - LIMITED STOCK

£55.50 *

Gill's Pro Top - Multiple colour options for this quality dinghy spray top

Currently unavailable

Gill's Thermal Dinghy Top - Waterproof and fleece lined - super protection from the cold.

£108.90 *

Gill's Pro Impact Shorts - Ideal protection when sitting on the rail on their own or underneath your shorts

£58.90 *

Gill's Hydrophobe Trousers - Great base layer for keeping your legs warm!

£48.90 *

Gill's Speedskin Wetsuit Trousers - 1.5/2mm neoprene bottoms with hiking system compatability

£64.90 *

Gill's Speedskin Skiff Suit - 3/2mm neoprene protection and ideal for layering up with hiking pads too

£99.90 *

Gill's Speedskin - 3/4 length 1.5mm neoprene suit

£94.50 *

Gill's Pro Hikers - Classic 3/4 length hikers and perfect for single handers

£138.90 *

Gill's Womens Pro Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Provides perfect comfort as part of a layering system or can be worn alone in the warmer months

£29.90 *

Gill's Women's Hydrophobe Long Sleeve Top - Perfect base layer keeping you warm and protected from the sun too

£48.90 *

Gill's Women's Pro Top - High quality dinghy spraytop in purple or grey

£118.90 *

Gill's Mens Thermoskin Long John - Super versatile winter layering range

£138.90 *

Gill's Womens Thermoskin Long Jane or Skiff Suit - Perfect for keeping you warm in the winter or cold/wet conditions

£138.90 *

Gill's Mens Thermoskin Neoprene Top - Ideal layer for over the Thermoskin Winter Skiff Suit. 

£84.90 *

Gill's Womens Thermoskin Top - New for 2016, this is the perfect layering combination with the Thermoskin Womens Skiff Suit for the winter

£84.90 *

Gill's Mens Thermoskin Wetsuit - Designed for racing in the winter and ideal for skiff sailing keeping warm!

£178.90 *

Gill's Womens Thermoskin Winter Wetsuit - Perfect protection against the cold elements in the winter.

£178.90 *

Gill Race Firecell Long John - Stunning Skiff Suit ideal for the winter


£157.41 *
You save £17.49

Gill Race Firecell Long Sleeve Top - Designed for the cold days and ideal top layer


£112.41 *
You save £12.49

Gill ThermoShield Top - Available in two colours (Black and Blue)


£89.01 *
You save £9.89

Gill ThermoShield Junior Top - Two great colours and perfect for cold days on the water


£80.01 *
You save £8.89

Gill Hydrophobe Junior Trousers - Great base layer to keep the younger sailor warm

£28.95 *

Gill Neoskin Socks - Ultra thin but ultra warm

£19.95 *

Gill Thermoskin Junior Top - Great neoprene top for layering up in the cold conditions

£58.90 *

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