Repair kits for inflatable boats and kayaks to rechargeable quick pumps - all you need for maintaining your craft!

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Sevylor Spare Removable Skeg

Sevylor's Spare removable fin/skeg - most models

£8.99 *

Sevylor Foot Pump

Sevylor's Foot Pump - great for pumping your inflatable kayak anywhere and easily stowed! DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

£8.99 *

Sevylor Stirrup Pump

Sevylor's Stirrup Pump - quick and eco friendly pump - highly recommended!
£12.99 *
In stock

Spinlock Belt Pack

Spinlock's Belt Pack - Great secure velcro pack ideal for belt, toestrap or harness for those essentials on the water

£14.90 *
In stock

Spinlock Side Pack

Spinlock's Side Pack - Great storage for both essentials and water bottle included too!

£22.90 *

Aquapac Medium Electronics Case

Aquapac Medium Electronics Case - Ideal waterproof protection for Kindle, iPad Mini and Sony Reader

£24.80 *

Aquapac Large Electronics Case

Aquapac Large Electronics Case - Ideal for your iPad and various other tables plus shoulder strap included

£29.75 *

Aquapac iPad Case with Head Phone Connector

Aquapac iPad Case with Head Phone Connector - Dedicated iPad waterproof and submersible case with 3.5mm nickel plated headphone socket

£44.65 *

Aquapac Keymaster Case

Aquapac Keymaster Case - Perfect for small essentials including electronic car keys and asthma inhaler.

£14.90 *
In stock

Aquapac Belt Case

Aquapac Belt Case - Great for stowing passport, money or cards when out on the water.

£24.80 *

Aquapac MP3 Case (iPod & iPhone)

Aquapac MP3 Case (iPod & iPhone) - Includes built in headphone socket

£29.80 *

Aquapac Waterproof Headphones

Aquapac Waterproof Headphones - Listen to your favourite tracks when surfing, sailing or SUPing 

£29.75 *

Aquapac MP3 Plus Case

Aquapac MP3 Plus Case - Listen to your tracks on or under the water.

£34.90 *

Velocitek Makai SUP GPS

Velocitek Makai - The first GPS that's specifically designed for SUP. 

£339.90 *


You save £20.00

OverBoard Waterproof Kayak / SUP Deck 20 Litre Bag

OverBoard Waterproof Kayak / SUP Deck 20 Litre Bag

£40.90 *

Gill Quick Dry Tool

Gill's Quick Dry Tool - Great for the kit bag and in two colours

£28.90 *

OverBoard 1 Litre Dry Bag

OverBoard 1 Litre Dry Pouch - Ideal for all those little items that you need to keep safe and dry when on the water.

£5.35 *

OverBoard Adventure 90 Litre Duffel Bag

OverBoard Adventure 90 Litre Duffel Bag - Great kit bag with three colours

£79.90 *

OverBoard Adventure 60 Litre Duffel Bag

OverBoard Adventure 60 Litre Duffel Bag - Super mid size kit bag for all types of watersports

£69.90 *

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