Jenna Gibson

Jenna Gibson

Jenna Gibson

Board: JP Slalom 

Styles of Windsurfing: Slalom, Freestyle and Freeriding

Nickname (and why?): Jen

Helm/Crew: Solo on the windsurfer but two would be fun! 

Why did you start sailing and where?: It's in my blood! Sailing at Hythe before I could walk. Started windsurfing aged 8 in Turkey, but I didn't properly get into it before I started living back in England aged 12.

Favourite UK or International sailing venue?: Almanarre, France was an amazing place to windsurf. In the UK - have to say Portland Harbour.

Best sailing achievement so far?: IFCA European Youth Champion 2016, 10th at the 2016 IFCA Worlds and 2nd Youth. North Sea Cup Raceboard Series Overall Winner and 2012 & 2013 Raceboard National Youth Champion.

What's your next sailing goal?: Keep learning, keep improving, keep having fun! I would like to compete on the PWA professional windsurfing tour.

First sailing coach/mentor?: My parents! Even though they continue to help me with their never ending expertise, I have many other people to thank from all the guys who have given me tips at my local club, on the race circuit and my T15 and zone squad coaches.

World Sailing Rules - Most influential racing rule and why?: DON'T BE OSC...It really messes you up if you don't stick to that one!

Funniest time on the water and where?: There are far too many to pick one! I'm always enjoying myself out on the water.

Favourite VR Race Team kit and why?: The VR Race Team jacket - it comes with me everywhere I go!

Top 3 Most Played iTunes tracks?: Atlas Hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Sun Shy - Dresses, Renegades - X Ambassadors and many many more...

Favourite energy food – Haribo/Chocolate/Bacon Sarnie/Banana/Other?: Bananas, just because they are so easy to take with you, and there is no cooking so more time on the water!

Favourite sailing drink – Hot chocolate/Lucozade/Seawater/Mug of Tea/Other?: Always water when on the water, but after a cold winter session there is no competition to a good hot chocolate.

What do you get up to when you aren’t out on the water?: Studying hard...but not for long...I'm not sure what I doing off the water once I finish!

Highlight of the 2016 season?: Starting slalom racing!

What are you most looking forward to in 2016/7?: Summer training in Turkey and winter training in Tenerife :D !!!