Megan Ferguson

Megan Ferguson

Megan Ferguson

Class of Boat: Cadet

Helm/Crew: Helm with Yasmin Sfaxi

Nickname (and why?):  Megs - easiest version of Megan

Why did you start sailing and where?: Grandpa took me out sailing at Frensham Pond SC when I was 4 - after that I was hooked.

Favourite UK or International sailing venue?: International: Carnac, France - excellent facilities. UK: Weymouth - consistent winds and good swell

Best sailing achievement so far?: 5th in the Cadet Inlands Championships, U14 National Inland Champion 2014 and U13 National Champion 2014

What's your next sailing goal?: To come in the top ten at the Nationals and hopefully make the GBR World team.

First sailing coach/mentor?: Chris Videlo - my cousin and fellow Cadet sailort as well as sailing lots of other boats

World Sailing Rules - Most influential racing rule and why?: Still the black flag - forces you to get your timing right and understand tides and currents

Funniest time on the water and where?: At the Nationals missing my toe straps as a crew - flipped off the side of the boat into the water at full speed

Favourite VR Race Team kit and why?: 

Top 3 Most Played iTunes tracks?: Taylor Swift - Blank Space, Ed Sheeran - Don't, Tone Damli - Butterflies

Favourite energy food – Haribo/Chocolate/Bacon Sarnie/Banana/Other?: Haribo only - have to have Haribos onboard or else we are not a happy boat!!

Favourite sailing drink – Hot chocolate/Lucozade/Seawater/Mug of Tea/Other?: Lucozade

What do you get up to when you aren’t out on the water?: Play hockey, football and netball for school

Highlight of the 2016 season?: Getting selected for the GBR Cadet World's team with Yasmin

What are you most looking forward to in 2016/7?: The Worlds in Argentina