Class of Boat: Anything I can lay my hands on - have been seen in a Squib, Laser, Topper, Cadet, Phantom, Firefly and maybe a yacht if allowed!

Helm/Crew: Helm - what else could I be?

Nickname (and why?):  "Mutley" - long story but an ex Cadet helm, Chris Trainor, gave me the name after I kept giggling at other boats capsizing and was always asking when the medals were going to be given out... "Give me a medal Dick Dastardly!"

Why did you start sailing and where?: My brother didn't want to go sailing and I asked if I could go instead to a lovely club in the north - Budworth Sailing Club.

Favourite UK or International sailing venue?: Anywhere there is a good breeze and water - currently look out at Datchet Water and Windsor Castle so home of the VR Super Store for starters!

Best sailing achievement so far?: Seeing my two daughters get out and enjoy the sport I love.

What's your next sailing goal?: To get out on the water and get some racing in after three years running the VR business.....

First sailing coach/mentor?: Jim Saltonstall - the Legend!!

World Sailing Rules - Most influential racing rule and why?: Rule 18.3b (Tacking in the Zone - Giving Mark Room) - the one that I keep coaching all the youth sailors. If you don't know it then you should  - look it up and it will help you pick up places at the windward mark or loose loads....

Funniest time on the water and where?: Going out very early for a practice an hour before the start of the Squib Gold Cup at Burnham on Crouch - unfortunately the Race Officer went off three miles down the River Crouch leaving us wondering why we were the only Squib up river waiting for the rest of the fleet and committee boat to turn up....

Favourite VR Race Team kit and why?: My personalised VR Race Team Helly Hansen Midlayer Jacket - super warm!

Top 3 Most Played iTunes tracks?: Very eclectic but truthfully.... Hollywood - Michael Bublé, Party Rock Anthem - LFMAO, Paradise - Coldplay

Favourite energy food – Haribo/Chocolate/Bacon Sarnie/Banana/Other?: What else is there - Bacon and Egg wrap made by Mrs VR wins everytime.

Favourite sailing drink – Hot chocolate/Lucozade/Seawater/Mug of Tea/Other?: Mug of tea and probably a lot of water when I get out sailing..

What do you get up to when you aren’t out on the water?: Looking after Virtual Rigger and proudly keeping an eye on all of the VR Race Team sailors.

Highlight of the 2016 season?: Unfortunately not sailing really but the launch of our newest shop - the VR Super Store which has become a real delight to work from at Datchet Water.

What are you most looking forward to in 2016/7?: Launching a number of major new initiatives with VR and finally a HOLIDAY!!