Yasmin Sfaxi

Yasmin Sfaxi

Yasmin Sfaxi

Class of Boat: Cadet

Helm/Crew: Crew with Megan Ferguson

Nickname (and why?):  Yas - it's what all my friends call me

Why did you start sailing and where?: I started sailing at Frensham Pond in a Cadet after trying it out my friend's Mirror on holiday.

Favourite UK or International sailing venue?: Weymouth!! Very friendly club and tasty food. Also brings back lots of memories.

Best sailing achievement so far?: Coming 1st U13 at the Nationals 2014

What's your next sailing goal?: To hopefully get in the GBR World's team - UPDATE JULY - Completed :)

First sailing coach/mentor?: Steve Brooker, training the Optimist at Frensham

World Sailing Rules - Most influential racing rule and why?: Rule 10 - Port and Starboard.

Funniest time on the water and where?: Our training at Weymouth was cancelled because a bridge was closed of bad weather, so we decided to go down to Frensham instead. Megan and I were the only ones on the water. We had a great time despite the gusts and hail and for the first time ever our Mums begged us to come in because they couldn't stand the cold driving the safety boat.

Favourite VR Race Team kit and why?: 

Top 3 Most Played iTunes tracks?: Taylor Swift - Blank Space, Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball, Olly Muirs - Wrapped Up

Favourite energy food – Haribo/Chocolate/Bacon Sarnie/Banana/Other?: Strawberry Laces - really bad for my teeth though

Favourite sailing drink – Hot chocolate/Lucozade/Seawater/Mug of Tea/Other?: Water

What do you get up to when you aren’t out on the water?: Lots and lots of homework and sometimes friends

Highlight of the 2016 season?: Getting selected on the Cadet Worlds Team with Megs

What are you most looking forward to in 2016/7?: Going to Argentina for the Cadet Worlds at Christmas!