Ronstan Ball Bearing Swivel Cleat Base

Ronstan Ball Bearing Swivel Cleat Base


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  • Swivel cleat bases permit easy cleating and releasing from any angle.Height adjustable arm for optimum cleating angle.
  • Twin ball bearing race minimises friction.
  • Adjustable ratchet system prevents the arm from falling to leeward.
  • Twin rows of ball bearings support the cleat arm, and stops are provided to limit rotation to 260° and can be removed to allow full 360° rotation. 
  • Fork fittings have a 5mm pin to permit direct attachment to the head post of a block (ie. not using a shackle). 
  • Suits traditional post/shackle head blocks and Dyneema® Link head Orbit Blocks™.


Rope Diameter - 3-12mm

Max Weight Load - 260kg

Weight - 342g

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