Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders 475mm

Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders 475mm


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Selden has developed a fully adjustable spreader system for the ultimate in adjustment and rig control.

  • Function - Ergonomic, moulded composite thumbscrews are easy to adjust, and the adjusters are designed to provide a simple turn-forward-to-push-forward logic. The spreaders can be adjusted in as little as 1' increments. A hole is provided for permanent pin locking if required.
  • Aerodynamics - Both thumbscrews and spreader lugs are low profile, minimum windage composite mouldings.
  • Durability - Moving parts in self-lubricating composite and anodised aluminium
  • Strength - Mast bracket is a sturdy stainless steel pressing incorporating lightening holes.
  • Reliability - The bracket incorporates permanently built-in dihedral to ensure the spreaders bisect the shroud angles: no danger of spreader droop and loss of control.

The fully adjustable spreader system is available on new Selden masts produced from Kappa, Cumulus, Epsilon and Gamma sections and comes complete with the aerofoil spreader section and adjustable spreader ends. 

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