Technical Advice & Images

Technical Advice & Images

Virtual Rigger aim is to correlate the best information from all our partners to allow sailors in one design racing to make their boats go faster. Harken leads the front with indepth technical advice on multiple classes.


Carbo Ratchamatic® Mainsheet Block (2625)

Automatically shifts from light air to ratchet mode. Engagement adjusts to suit weight and sailing style. Fast Release!

Carbo T2™ Block (2149)

Reeve Spectra® line through a snap clip to attach this trick block to the bridle. Use the same line to form a becket on which to deadend the mainsheet.

Opti Hook-In Halyard Block (387)

The Opti hook-in block allows sailors to precisely adjust halyard tension. Glass-filled nylon shell saddles mast to keep block aligned. Free-rolling 16 mm sheave with stainless steel balls handles high loads.





Optimist Boat Layout Large Display