KF Furlers

KF Furlers

Karver products are renowned across the racing and cruising world for quality of design and performance in the most demanding environments. The Karver furling systems are the 'premier' league with the extensive choice, quality and comprehensive spare options. 

Why choose a flying furler?

  • The furler is a light and removable system that quickly launches the foresails on your sailboat. Free flying sails come as an addition to your genoa so you always fly the best sail depending on the wind and boat direction.
  • A furled sail is easier to handle and can be readily stored below out of the way.
  • The same furler can usually be used for several types of sails: gennakers, stormsails, staysails and more recently on asymetrical spinnakers.
  • The choice to design the Karver furler with a composite spool around the drum was made to protect fingers from getting caught when operating the unit and prevent the furling line from jamming out. As well, it was also designed to enable the furling line to eject when not under tension.

Karver offer a comprehensive Online Support for you to choose the right furler for your boat - CLICK HERE.

Karver VR Furler Recommendations

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8 Reasons To Choose A Karver Furler:

Super Low Friction Bearings - KF range low friction bearings have been specifically designed for the Karver furlers with high tech materials - furling has never been easier.

Customisation - One of their strengths is the capacity to customise their products in a short time frame at a sensible cost to suit your specific needs

Drum Locking Mechanism - The mechanism is reliable and installed with a fuse. If the maximum load is exceeded, the mechanism unlocks automatically. The drum then works like a traditional continous line furler. The locking mechanism can be removed at anytime if the lock is not required.

Extremely Light & Compact - The Karver range is 35% lighter and more compact than the competition. Light weight swivels lower the impact on the mast plus more compact means more sail area!

Unique Drum Locking Mechanism -  Furling - Pull on the endless line to furl (if you accidentally release the furling line the mechanism locks automatically). Unfurling - To unlock the drum, just tug a little on the line in the same direction that the sail was furled which releases the lock and enables the sail to unfurl.

Composite Spool - Unlike metallic or cardon drums, the composite spool around the drum is shock absorbent and protects the drum, the sail and the deck from impact. 

Continous Line Installation - Easy and quick engagement of the continous line requires no tools.Karver invented the concept where the endless line is installed within seconds and stays secured on the drum.

Quick Use Captive Pins - A new quick fit mechanism makes the maneuver still easier and faster. The pins are captive. HR shackle is standard on the swivel up to and including the KF5.



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Karver KF0.9 Furler

Karver KF0.9 Furler - The smallest furler ever designed by Karver for 5 to 10 metre boats

£349.90 *


You save £50.00

Karver KTS Top Down Tack Swivel Adaptor

Karver KTS Top Down Tack Swivel Adaptor - Converts the KF Bottom Up Furler to KSF Top Down Spinnaker Furler 

From £459.90 *

Karver KF1 Furler

Karver KF1 Furler - Working Load 1500kg

£840.90 *


You save £119.00

Karver KF2 Furler

Karver KF2 Furler - Working Load 2500kg

£1,294.90 *


You save £180.00

Karver KF4 Furler

Karver KF4 Furler - Working Load 4000kg

£2,199.90 *


You save £325.00

Karver KF5 Furler

Karver KF5 Furler - Working Load 5000kg

£2,518.90 *


You save £361.00

Karver KF8 Furler

Karver KF8 Furler - Working Load 8000kg

£4,299.90 *


You save £620.00

Karver KF10 Furler

Karver KF10 Furler - Working Load 10000kg

£7,699.90 *

Karver KF12 Furler

Karver KF12 Furler - Working Load 12000kg

£11,499.90 *

Karver KF Furler KFH+ Furling Lock Upgrade

Karver KF Furler KFH+ Furling Lock Upgrade - Available for KF1, KF2 , KF5 and KF8

From £1,595.90 / Package(s) *
Price includes VAT (for UK customers) NO-VAT-TAX 
(international customers tax deleted in Shopping Basket), plus delivery


SPEND £125 - 6 MONTHS OR £250 - ANNUAL (T & C'S APPLY)