Sailtec, Inc was formed in 1983 in Sturgeon Bay, WI, USA to manufacture marine rated hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders and hand pumps. In 1989, Bob and Judy Brehm purchased the name and assets of the business, and moved manufactring and administration to Oshkosh, WI. They purchased a new building and consolidated all operations of the growing business in a modern and efficient plant during 2005. Growth has been managed each year by upgrading their core products and key staff to sustain cost effective manufacture, and to provide exceptional performance.   

Sailtec manufacturers hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, hand pumps and 12/24V electric pumps that operate to 5000psi (350bar) and can generate upto 100 ton of force. They strive for better performing products at a lower price - great value for you the customer:

  • Lightweight cylinders and pumps
  • Larger piston rods for longer life and resistance to side loads
  • Redundant seals for extra leak preventation and longer life
  • Faster pumping speeds than comparable models in the industry
  • Broad range of cylinders, integrals and pumps with respect to stroke, speed, fit and function.

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Sailtec Cylinder Seals Kit

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec Cylinder Seals Kit - 08 to 60 Cylinder

From £184.90 / pack(s) *

Sailtec Integral Panel Seals Kit

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec Integral Panel Seals Kit for T7 Panel

£231.90 / pack(s) *

Sailtec 10 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec 10 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster - Standard, Long, Custom - J105 and J109

From £2,061.90 *

Sailtec 08 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec 08 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster - Standard and Long


From £2,109.90 *

Sailtec 12 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec 12 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster - Standard and Long

From £2,825.90 *

Sailtec 17 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec 17 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster - Standard and Long

From £2,887.90 *

Sailtec 22 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec 22 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster - Standard and Long

From £3,854.90 *

Sailtec 30 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster

Sailtec-Logo Sailtec 30 Integral Hydraulic Adjuster - Standard and Long

From £7,224.90 *
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