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Plastimo Clinometer Twin Scale

Plastimo Clinometer Twin Scale - Ideal for racing dinghies or keelboats

£7.75 *
In stock

Trem 45 Degree Clinometer

Trem 45 Degree Clinometer - Measure the optimum angle of heel.

£11.50 *
In stock

Silva 70 UN/ UNE/ R Compass Mounting Bracket

Silva 70 UN/ UNE/ R Compass Mounting Bracket

£13.00 *
In stock

Silva Clinometer

Silva Clinometer - Super way of checking your keeping your boat flat.

£19.95 *
In stock

Silva 58 Kayak SUP

Silva 58 Kayak SUP - Lightweight, Waterproof and steady mounting with straps

£59.90 *

Plastimo Iris 50 Hand Bearing Compass

Plastimo's Iris 50 Hand Bearing Compass - Classic and multiple colours

£71.40 *

Silva 85 Compass

Silva 85 Compass - Stable compass for small, fast boats - includes a memory ring for setting desired course

£69.90 *

Silva 70UN Handheld Compass

Silva 70UN Handheld Compass - Multi-functional and can be used in it's bracket too plus it floats too!


£89.90 *

Silva C58 Compass

Silva C58 Compass - Bracket mounted steering compass designed for movement and optimised for RIBs and powerboats

£79.90 *

Silva 70P Compass

Silva 70P Compass - Bulk head mount compass with compact size ideal for smaller boats 

£89.95 *

Silva 70UNE Compass

Silva 70UNE Compass - Steering or handheld compass plus it floats - ideal for smaller boats
£116.90 *

Silva 100 P Compass

Silva 100P Compass - Bulkhead mounted compass with high heeling angles

£116.90 *

Silva 70 NBC/FBC Compass

Silva 70 NBC/FBC Compass - Built-in illumination and compensator plus multi-mounting

£134.90 *

Silva 102 B/H Compass

Silva 102 B/H Compass - Double scales with curved lubber lines, heeling scale and built-in illumination

£134.90 *

Silva 103RE Racing Elite Compass

Silva 103RE Racing Elite Compass - Double scale compass for racing allowing sailors to read the actual course on both tacks whilst hiking - popular in the Laser

£152.90 *

Silva 100BC Compass

Silva 100BC Compass - Front reading compass with solid bracket allowing for multiple mounting alternatives including headlining

£159.90 *

Silva 100 B/H Compass

Silva 100 B/H Compass - Bulkhead mounted designed for absolute accuracy, a steady card in all conditions and high heeling angles

£159.90 *

Silva 100 NBC/FBC Compass

Silva 100 NBC/FBC Compass - Multiple mounting options , a main steering scale and direct reading on the vertical edge

£169.90 *

Silva 125 B/H Compass

Silva 125 B/H Compass - Bulkhead mounted compass designed for absolute accuracy, curved lubber lines and built in illumination

£224.90 *

Silva 125 T Compass

Silva 125 T Compass - The pedestal compass permitting up to 45˙ heeling and unlimited tilting fore and aft.

£249.90 *

Silva 125 FTC Compass

Silva 125 FTC Compass - Built-in illumination and compensator with protective cover

£279.90 *
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