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Sail Numbers 300mm

Sail Numbers for mainsail e.g. Laser and other classes

£1.75 *

Clew Hook

Clew Hook - Ideal for the mainsail for easy and reliable clew system

£3.75 *
In stock

Optiparts Clew Strap

Clew Strap - Neatly brings the foot of the mainsail tight on the boom

£9.95 *
In stock

Sail Letter Set for Laser Dinghy - GBR

GBR Sail Black Letter Set

£10.90 *

Clew Hook with 16mm Harken Airblock

Clew Hook with the 16mm Harken Airblock - great piece of kit to provide Laser sailors with an easy and reliable outhaul system for the clew.

£16.95 *
In stock

Mainsail Leech Streamers Pack

Mainsail Leech Streamers Pack - Four blue streamers for fine tuning the sail.

£5.90 *
In stock

Class Insignia ILCA Coded Red Rhombus

Class Insignia ILCA Coded Red Rhombus - Ready to go sailing girls?

£4.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

GBR Sail Letters 230mm (Set of 6)

GBR Sail Letters 230mm (Set of 6) - Ideal for Topper, Optimists etc in various colours

£12.45 *

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