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Gill Harness Rescue Tool

Gill's Harness Rescue Tool - Essential kit for anyone wearing any harness either trapezing or yachting


£16.90 *
In stock

Gul CZ PRO One-piece Race Suit

Gul's CZ PRO One piece Race Suit - Looks slightly weird but when it's on - less drag and no more snagging

£49.50 *

Gill Trapeze Harness

Gill's Trapeze Harness - Classic 'chimp' equipment!

£138.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing Elite Hybrid Trapeze Harness

NeilPryde's Elite Hybrid Trapeze Harness - Extremely comfortable and Velcro entry and exit.

£159.95 *

Forward Sailing Trapeze Harness Pro

Forward Sailing's Trapeze Harness Pro - Great harness with unique lumbar belt and velcro system

£159.90 *

RWO Quick Release Hook and Retainer Spare

RWO Quick Release Hook and Retainer Spare

£18.99 *

Forward Sailing Safety Knife

Forward Sailing's Safety Knife - Designed to stow very neatly within the Impact Vest.

£9.95 *
In stock

Forward Sailing WIP Maxi Lumbar Belt

Forward Sailing's WIP Maxi Lumbar Belt - For additional protection and support when trapezing for longer distances.

£44.95 *

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