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Gill Pads

Gill's Pads - Deck protection which can be cut to size and used in a number of Gill shorts and trousers

£16.90 *

Gill Deck Shorts 2019

Gill Deck Shorts - Added protection and great for summer

£24.90 *


You save £5.10

Gill Active Stretch Web Belt

Gill Active Stretch Web Belt - Two colours and sizes

£24.90 *

Gill Deck Shorts

Gill Deck Shorts - Perfect for the summer

£29.95 *

Gill Junior Pro Impact Shorts 2019

Gill's Junior Pro Impact Shorts - Great protection when sailing in your dinghy or yacht

£39.90 *


You save £5.10
In stock

Gill Porthallow Swim Shorts

Gill Porthallow Swim Shorts - Black or Blue 

£44.90 *

Gill Mylor Board Shorts

Gill's Mylor Board Shorts - Quick drying and water repellent boardies

£49.90 *

Gill Pro Impact Shorts 2019

Gill's Pro Impact Shorts 2019 - Ideal protection when sitting on the rail on their own or underneath your shorts

£49.90 *


You save £10.10

Gill Zenlite Junior Shorts

Gill Zenlite Junior Shorts - 2mm neoprene giving protection and additonal warmth

£53.90 *

Gill Mens Crew Shorts

Gill Mens Crew Shorts - Three colours and ideal for inshore or cruising around the Med

£56.90 *

Gill Womens Crew Shorts

Gill Womens Crew Shorts - Three colours and perfect for running around the Caribbean 

£56.90 *

Gill Impact Shorts

Gill Impact Shorts - Great protection when hiking out on the side deck

£59.90 *

Gill Race Shorts 2019

Gill's Race Shorts 2019 - Built for the summer and quick drying with UV 50+ protection

£59.90 *


You save £15.10

Gill Zenlite Shorts

Gill Zenlite Shorts

£59.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing Light Sailing Shorts

Forward WIP Sailing's Light Sailing Shorts - Perfect for the summer, quick dry and protected seat.

£84.90 *

Gill Race Mens Shorts

Gill Race Mens Shorts - Blue or Grey

£79.90 *

Gill OS3 Mens Coastal Shorts

Gill OS3 Mens Coastal Shorts - Rugged shorts for onboard with option for inserting pads

£84.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing 2mm Hiking 3/4 Neo Short

Forward WIP Sailing's 2mm Hiking 3/4 Neo Shorts - Superb protection for the knees and backside plus hiking pad compatable - ideal for skiffs, catamarans and SUPing

£89.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing Dry Sailing Shorts

Forward WIP Sailing's Dry Sailing Shorts - Perfect for the summer sailing on the yacht or dinghy.

£109.90 *

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