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Plastic Padding

Plastic Padding

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Plastic Padding Gelcoat Filler 180ml Tin

Plastic Padding's Gelcoat Filler Junior Tin - Every sailor's toolbox needs this - easy to use!

£13.55 *

Plastic Padding Marine Filler Junior 180ml Tin

Plastic Padding Marine Filler Junior 180ml Tin - The ultimate boat and yacht filler for any purpose - don't leave the toolbox without one!

£10.95 *
In stock

Plastic Padding Extra Hardener (Non Gelcoat)

Plastic Padding's Extra Hardener - For all PP fillers except Gelcoat

£2.75 *
In stock

Plastic Padding Marine Epoxy

Plastic Padding's Marine Epoxy - two part epoxy filler specially below the waterline

£14.95 *
In stock

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