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Holt Toestrap Plate

Holt's Toestrap Plate for Hiking Strap

£0.50 *

Holt Spring for 57mm Ratchet Block

Holt's Spring for the 57mm Rachet Block

£0.65 *

Holt Lacing Boom Eye

Holt's Boom Lacing Eye

£0.70 *

Holt Fairlead Boom and Deck

Holt's Nylon Fairlead for both the Boom and Deck

£0.80 *

Holt 6mm Open Base Fairlead

Holt's 6mm Open Ended Fairlead - Used for many purposes including the transom line on a Topper

£0.90 *
In stock

Holt Drain Bung

Holt's Self Bailer Rubber Drain Bung

£1.05 *
In stock

Holt Rudder Head Stop Clip

Holt's Rudder Head Stop Clip

£1.55 *

Holt Plug for Upper Mast Base

Holt's Plug for the Upper Mast Base

£1.75 *

Holt Standard Lower Mast Plug

Holt's Standard Lower Mast Plug

£1.75 *
In stock

Holt Bow Fairlead

Holt Bow Fairlead - Simply put - this is where you tie your painter to!

£1.75 *

Holt Transom Drain Bung Set

Holt's Transom Drain Bung Set

£1.75 *

Holt Upper Mast Sleeve

Holt's Upper Mast Sleeve

£1.90 *

Holt Transom Gudgeon Mounting Plate

Holt's Transom Gudgeon Mounting Plate

£2.10 *

Holt Tiller Retaining Pin

Holt's Tiller Retaining Pin

£2.70 *
In stock

Holt Curved Kicker Pin

Holt's Curved Kicker Pin - Usually used on various dinghy vangs

£2.95 *

Holt Mega Pivot Bolt

Holt's Mega 10mm Pivot Bolt - Make sure you have a strong bolt for your rudder blade

£3.20 *
In stock

Holt Daggerboard Stop Set

Holt's Centreboard Stop Set - Stopper system to ensure your daggerboard doesn't end up at the bottom of the lake/sea

£3.75 *

Holt Boom Gooseneck Plug

Holt's Boom Plug for the Gooseneck End

£3.95 *

Holt Turbo Small Block and Clip

Holt's Turbo Small Block and Inglefield Clip

£4.20 *

Holt Radial Lower Mast Plug

Holt's Radial Lower Mast Plug

£4.30 *

Holt Pro Tiller Universal Joint

Holt's Pro Universal Tiller Joint - Great UJ for most dinghies and fits the RWO base too.

£4.60 *

Holt Vang Single Block and Becket

Holt's Vang Single Block and Becket - Classic part of the Kicker

£5.75 *

Holt Plug for Upper Mast Top and Boom End

Holt's Plug for both the Upper Mast and Boom End

£5.90 *

Holt Pro Lube

£5.90 *
In stock

Holt 20mm Dynamic Single Fixed Block

Holt's 20mm Single Fixed Dynamic Block - Ideal for many little jobs on your dinghy

£7.20 *

Holt Kicking Strap Boom Plate

Holt's Vang Strap Boom Plate 

£7.44 *

Holt Mast Vang Plate

Holt's Mast Vang Plate - Kicker plate to the older sailors out there...

£8.50 *
In stock

Holt Turbo Large BB Block

Holt's Turbo Large Ball Bearing Block - Ideal for the Mainsheet Boom Block

£9.05 *

Holt 20mm Dynamic Block with Fork

Holt's 20mm Dynamic Single Block with Fork - Ideal for the deck downhaul and outhaul controls

£9.50 *

Holt Turbo Large BB Block and Becket

Holt's Turbo Large Ball Bearing Block and Becket - Attachment for the mainsheet on the boom end

£10.15 *

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1 - 30 of 74 results