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Holt Lacing Boom Eye

Holt's Boom Lacing Eye

£0.70 *

Holt Fairlead Boom and Deck

Holt's Nylon Fairlead for both the Boom and Deck

£0.80 *

Holt Plug for Upper Mast Base

Holt's Plug for the Upper Mast Base

£1.75 *

Holt Standard Lower Mast Plug

Holt's Standard Lower Mast Plug

£1.75 *
In stock

Holt Upper Mast Sleeve

Holt's Upper Mast Sleeve

£1.90 *


PSP's PVC Tape - a.k.a. Electrical Tape

From £2.55 *

Holt Curved Kicker Pin

Holt's Curved Kicker Pin - Usually used on various dinghy vangs

£2.95 *

Clew Hook

Clew Hook - Ideal for the mainsail for easy and reliable clew system

£3.40 *

Holt Boom Gooseneck Plug

Holt's Boom Plug for the Gooseneck End

£3.95 *

Holt Radial Lower Mast Plug

Holt's Radial Lower Mast Plug

£4.30 *

Shrink Tube for Traveler Blocks

Shrink tube for Traveller Blocks - 10 pieces

£4.40 *
In stock

Holt Vang Single Block and Becket

Holt's Vang Single Block and Becket - Classic part of the Kicker

£5.75 *

Holt Plug for Upper Mast Top and Boom End

Holt's Plug for both the Upper Mast and Boom End

£5.90 *

Holt Kicking Strap Boom Plate

Holt's Vang Strap Boom Plate 

£7.44 *

Teflon Mast Discs

Teflon Mast Disk - Pair of disks - ideal for mast steps reducing friction and wear. 

£7.85 *
In stock

Holt Mast Vang Plate

Holt's Mast Vang Plate - Kicker plate to the older sailors out there...

£8.50 *
In stock

VR Clew Strap

Clew Strap - Neatly brings the foot of the mainsail tight on the boom

£8.95 *

Holt Turbo Large BB Block

Holt's Turbo Large Ball Bearing Block - Ideal for the Mainsheet Boom Block

£9.05 *

Holt Turbo Large BB Block and Becket

Holt's Turbo Large Ball Bearing Block and Becket - Attachment for the mainsheet on the boom end

£10.15 *

Holt Vang Fiddle and Jammer

Holt's Vang Fiddle and Jammer - Bottom section of the kicker

£11.70 *

Holt Gooseneck

Holt's Mast Gooseneck

£20.25 *

Clew Hook with 16mm Harken Airblock

Clew Hook with the 16mm Harken Airblock - great piece of kit to provide Laser sailors with an easy and reliable outhaul system for the clew.

£15.80 *

Holt Turbo Complete Mainsheet Block Kit

Holt's Turbo Mainsheet Block Kit - full set of four blocks

£34.50 *

PROtect Laser Tape Kit

PROtect Laser Tape Kit - Serious all over protection for your dinghy such as the Laser!

£39.15 *
In stock

Optiparts Rig Support (Set) for Laser Dinghy

Optipart's Rig Support - Set of two plastic supports for your Laser dinghy spars

£37.49 *

NeilPryde Sailing Laser Mast Bag

NeilPryde Sailing's Protex Laser Mast Bag - The best protection for your spars and looks good too! 

£62.90 *

Holt Vang Rigging

Holt's Vang Rigging (excluding the Vang Block)

£50.25 *

Holt 30mm Fiddle Swivel W/Cam and Becket

Holt's 30mm Dynamic Fiddle Swivel with Cam Cleat and Becket - Ideal to use as the base cleating system

£62.50 *

Holt Upper Mast

Holt's Upper Mast - great for club or training

£84.50 *

Holt Boom

Holt's Boom - Ideal for schools or training

£107.50 *

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1 - 30 of 34 results