All Gill sunglass are floatable, so if you drop them, all is not lost. They feature all of the following:


Glare-Free vision - Polarized lenses block the glare produced by light relflecting off the water or bright deck surfaces.

Natural colours - Filter category 3 lenses allowing 8-18% light transmission

100% UV400 - UV light absorbers, which block 100% of harnful UVA, UVB abnd UVC radiation

Reduced eye fatigue

Clear contrast 

Floatable - Designed for life on the water - all Gill sunnies float.

Hydrophobic - Outer coating sheds water and reduces salt water residue for clear vision.

Oleophobic - repels fingerprints, sun lotion and skin oils on the inside lenses.

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Gill Floating Retainer

Gill's Floating Retainer - Various colours and one size fits all (Black, Hi Vis, Red or Silver)

£6.00 *

Gill Sunglasses Travel Case

Gill's Sunglasses Travel Case - Fits all of the standard Gill sunglasses and great protection when off the water

£8.90 *

Gill Squad Sunglasses - Junior

Gill's Squad Junior Sunglasses - Great eye protection for the aspring young sailors

£44.90 *

Gill Racing Sunglasses

Gill's Racing Sunglasses - Designed for sailors who are pushing the boundaries fast...

£48.90 *

Gill Classic Sunglasses

Gill's Classic Sunglasses - Perfect sunnies for sailing

£48.90 *

Gill Speed Sunglasses

Gill's Speed Sunglasses - Maybe they won't make the boat go faster but you look cool instead!!

£48.90 *

Gill Glare Sunglasses

Gill's Glare Sunglasses - Classic colour range and perfect for sailing

£48.90 *

Gill Reflex Sunglasses

Gill's Reflex Sunglasses

Gill Crew Sunglasses

Gill Crew Sunglasses - floatable, UV protection and stylish - what more do you need when sailing the high seas!

£48.90 *

Gill Race Sunglasses

Gill Race Sunglasses - Graphite or White and perfect for any regatta

£48.90 *

Gill Sienna Sunglasses

Gill Sienna Sunglasses​ - Black or Tortoiseshell and perfect for any regatta

£48.90 *

Gill Corona Sunglasses

Gill Corona Sunglasses​ - Red, Black or White and perfect for any regatta

£48.90 *

Gill Tracer Sunglasses

Gill Tracer Sunglasses​ - Black or Grey and perfect for any regatta

£48.90 *

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