Race Series Collection

Race Series Collection

Race Series Collection

It takes courage to compete on the water. The elements make everything unpredictable and even one mistake can cost the race. The all-new Race Series allows you to embrace the adrenaline of competitve racing and that irrepressible desire to win. Because in the right kit, anything is possible.

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Gill Race Cap

Gill Race Cap - Lightweight and retainer in two colours

£19.90 *

Gill Race Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Gill's Race Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Ultra lightweight t-shirt with UV 50+ protection for the summer

£38.90 *

Gill Race Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Gill's Race Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Wicking, lightweight with added UV 50+ protection base layer

£44.90 *

Gill Race Team 60 Litre Bag

Gill's Race Team 60 Litre Bag - Stylish kit bag available in four colours

£59.95 *

Gill Race Fusion Sunglasses

Gill Race Fusion Sunglasses - Graphite or White and perfect for any regatta

£79.90 *

Gill Race Shorts

Gill's Race Shorts - Built for the summer and quick drying with UV 50+ protection

£59.90 *


You save £15.10

Gill Race Softshell Smock

Gill's Race Softshell Smock - Great mid-layer top for keel or sports boat racing

£84.90 *

Gill Race Trainer

Gill Race Trainer - Quick-drain trainer perfect for yachting

£98.90 *

Gill Race Trousers

Gill's Race Trousers - Graphite or Silver - UV Protection and reinforced in all the right places

£98.90 *

Gill Race Softshell Gilet

Gill's Race Softshell Gilet - Mid-layer or summer jacket to take off the chill in the evening

Gill Race Softshell Jacket

Gill's Race Softshell Jacket - Perfect for on deck or onshore 

£134.90 *

Gill Race Shore Jacket

Gill's Race Shore Jacket - Look good even at the prize giving!

£148.90 *

Gill Race Smock

Gill's Race Smock - High intensity but ultra lightweight top for racing

£188.90 *

Gill Race Jacket

Gill's Race Jacket - Performance fit and ultra lightweight 3 layer breathable outer layer

£218.90 *

Gill Race Firecell Long John

Gill Race Firecell Long John - Stunning Skiff Suit ideal for the winter

£149.90 *


You save £25.00

Gill Race Firecell Long Sleeve Top

Gill Race Firecell Long Sleeve Top - Designed for the cold days and ideal top layer

£99.90 *


You save £25.00

Gill Race Synchro Buoyancy Aid 2019

Gill Race Synchro Buoyancy Aid - Super thin and built for impact

£79.90 *


You save £10.10

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