Karver winches are equipped with a double gear mechanism, a classic first stage identical to current winch design and a second consisting of an epicyclic gear. This patented technology is used for the first time on a winch and has the effect of multiplying efforts.

Karver winches are either 6 times faster than any other winch on the market (Speed Range- KSW), or 3 times more powerful (Power Range - KPW).

Leaving the best til last - the KCW Compact Winch - the size of a 20 Winch but the power of a 45 Winch - first gear, you enjoy a tailing speed twice the speed of a conventional winch and switch to second gear provides you with the power of a 45 winch.


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Karver KCW Compact Winch

Karver KCW Compact Winch - Ultra compact (size of a 20 Winch)

£1,299.90 *

Karver KSW 40 Speed Winch

Karver KSW 40 Speed Winch - 6 times faster than a conventional winch!

£2,399.90 *

Karver KPW 110 Power Winch

Karver KPW 110 Power Winch - 3 times more power = 3 less effort!

£2,599.90 *

Karver KSW 46 Speed Winch

Karver KSW 46 Speed Winch - 6 times faster than conventional winches

£3,299.90 *

Karver KPW 130 Power Winch

Karver KPW 130 Power Winch - Making sailing easy for everyone - 3 times more powerful!

£3,599.90 *

Karver KSW 52 Speed Winch

Karver KSW 52 Speed Winch - The 'Afterburner' winch when you need speed on the race track

£3,949.90 *

Karver KPW 150 Power Winch

Karver KPW 150 Power Winch - Re-discover the pleasure of setting a sail without the effort!

£4,299.90 *

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