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Gill Sunglasses Travel Case

Gill's Sunglasses Travel Case - Fits all of the standard Gill sunglasses and great protection when off the water

£8.90 *

Spinlock Chest Pack

Spinlock's Chest Pack - Small storage for essentials

£14.90 *

Bainbridge Sailcloth Tote Bag

Bainbridge Sailcloth Tote Bag - This stylish ladies tote bag is the perfect sized shopper or beach bag - a must have for the summer!

£17.90 *

Gill Wash Bag

Gill's Wash Bag - Ideal for onboard or changing room at the club


£28.90 *

Ronstan Back Pack

Ronstan Back Pack - 14 litre and ideal for all your valuables

£28.10 *

Bainbridge Sailcloth Holdall Deluxe

Bainbridge's Sailcloth Holdall - Deluxe - Great quality and looks the part for any clubhouse

From £19.90 *

Spinlock Deck Pack 27L

Spinlock's Deck Pack - 27 Litres and loads of quality fixings and pockets

£39.90 *


You save £4.60
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VR Chill Bag

VR Chill Bag - High quality, durable, super coooool luggage for any sailor.

£44.90 *

Gill 60L Tarp Barrel Bag

Gill's Tarp Barrel Bag - Tough 60 Litre sailors kit bag available in two colours


£58.90 *

Gill 40L Compact Bag

Gill's 40 Litre Compact Bag - Robust kit bag for any dinghy sailor


£54.90 *

VR Messenger Bag

VR Messenger Bag - Birish made, amazing quality, super cool colour range and ideal for laptops when travelling around the circuit.

£54.90 *

Gill Waterproof 20L Back Pack

Gill's Waterproof Back Pack - 20 Litre bag ideal for wearing on the rib or boat ensuring everything is safe


£64.90 *

Gill Navigator Bag

Gill's Navigator Bag - Tough bag for storing everything you will need skippering a yacht


£54.90 *

VR Regatta Bag

VR Regatta Bag - Super cool, British made, IPad padded pocket with loads of room for everything you need to carry at a regatta.

Helly Hansen HH Duffel Bag 2 30 Litre

Helly Hansen's HH Duffel Bag 2 30 Litre - Perfect as a carry on bag with most airlines with great colour range

£59.90 *

Helly Hansen HH Duffel Bag 2 70 Litre

Helly Hansen's HH Duffel Bag 2 70 Litre - Great colour range and doubles as a back pack

£79.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing Equipment Wheeled Bag

NeilPryde Sailing's Equipment Wheeled 115 Litre Bag - Enormous quality kit bag and amazing value - stand out from the crowd or pop them into this huge bag! 

£134.90 *

NP Cabin Trolley

NP's Cabin Trolley - great airplane carry-on with wheels

£154.50 *

NP Duffle On Wheels 65 Bag

NP's Duffle On Wheels Bag - 65 Litre and very heavy duty for travelling.

£189.50 *

Magic Marine Sailing Bag XXL

Magic Marine Sailing Bag XXL - Monster 125 litre wheelie equipment bag


£139.90 *

Magic Marine Wheeled Travelbag 90 Litre

Magic Marine Wheeled Travelbag Pro - 75 x 35 x 35cm and built for action on the road

£149.90 *

Magic Marine Flight Bag 30 Litre

Magic Marine Flight Bag 30 Litre - Wheeled travel bag - perfect for travelling and legal for most airlines.

£114.90 *

Magic Marine Backpack 20 Litre

Magic Marine Backpack 20 Litre - Great quality bag for carrying all your essentials around the dinghy park or to events.

£79.90 *

Magic Marine Welded 60 Litre Lightweight Sportsbag

Magic Marine Welded 60 Litre Lightweight Sportsbag - Ultra light fully waterproof bag

£44.90 *

Gill Back Pack

Gill's Back Pack - Smart 30 Litre bag for fitting all your weekend work when sailing!

£58.90 *

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