Technical coastal sailing clothing range for every condition - Helly Hansen, Gul, Neil Pryde and Zhik bring together a complete combination.


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Mens I4 Salopette

The i4 fleece provides excellent warmth so is ideal for cooler conditions.


£64.90 *

Crewsaver ErgoFit Jacket

Crewsaver's ErgoFit Jacket - Designed for rib driving and coastal sailing 

£69.90 *


You save £59.60

Gill 2014 Crew Jacket

 Gill 2014 Crew Jacket is the perfect all rounder. LIMITED STOCK ONLY

£74.95 *


You save £24.95

Gul Ballistic High Fit Trousers

Gul's Ballistic High Fit Trousers - Classic design and great for keelboat and coastal cruising

£89.90 *

Gill Coast Trousers

Gill's Coast Trouser - Ideal for Inshore or Coastal with great protection for the elements

£124.90 *

Gill Crosswind Salopettes

Gill's Crosswind Salopettes - Stunning inshore, coastal or rib protection whilst keeping you warm - ideal mid layer or outer layer. 

£154.90 *

Gill Coast Jacket

Gill's Coast Jacket - Entry level coastal/inshore waterproof jacket

£164.90 *

Gill Coastal Racer Jacket

Gill's Coastal Racer Jacket - Performance cut and ideal for fast paced regatta racing

£184.90 *

Gill OS2 Offshore Coastal Trousers

Gill's OS2 Offshore Coastal Trousers - Great salopettes with superb protection for coastal or offshore sailing

£219.90 *

Crewsaver 190N ErgoFit Coastal Hammer Lifejacket - With Light and Hood

Crewsaver's ErgoFit 190 Coastal Lifejacket - Adult Hammer With Light and Hood - seriously comfortable and one size fits all


£179.90 *

Gill KB1 Keel Boat Racer Trousers

Gill's KB1 Racer Trouser - High-fit design and works perfectly for keel boat sailors

£274.90 *

Gill OS2 Offshore Coastal Jacket

Gill's OS2 Offshore Coastal Jacket - Perfect for Offshore or Coastal and great all rounder protection.

£274.90 *

Gill OS1 Offshore Trousers

Gill's OS1 Offshore Trousers - Designed for the worst conditions on the ocean - great protection from all the elements

£324.90 *

Gill OC1 Racer Trousers

Gill's OC1 Racer Trousers - Ultimate in ocean and offshore protection for racing yachts

£348.90 *

Gill OS1 Offshore Jacket

Gill's OS1 Offshore Jacket - Tough, totally waterproof and perfectly home on any ocean crossing

£424.90 *

Gill OC1 Racer Smock

Gill's OC1 Racer Smock - Formidable protection for ocean and offshore yacht racing

£494.90 *

Gill Race Jacket

Gill's Race Jacket - Performance fit and ultra lightweight 3 layer breathable outer layer

£218.90 *

Magic Marine Element 2 Layer Jacket

Magic Marine Element 2 Layer Jacket

£224.90 *

Magic Marine Element Waterproof Dry Top

Magic Marine Element Waterproof Dry Top

£149.90 *

Magic Marine Element 2 Layer Salopettes

Magic Marine Element 2 Layer Salopettes

£199.90 *

Magic Marine Element 2 Layer Trousers

Magic Marine Element 2 Layer Trousers

£174.90 *

Magic Marine Coast Junior Jacket

Magic Marine Coast Junior Jacket 

£89.90 *

Magic Marine Coast Junior Trousers

Magic Marine Coast Junior Trousers 

£74.90 *

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