For over 35 years, Antal have been based and manufacturing from Padua, norhtern Italy.  

Antal equipment innovation and quality are renowned in shipyards, to designers, sail makers and nautical product distributors throughout the world.

Each item is designed, manufactured and assembled in-house. There are over 1,000 sailboat hardware items in the antal catalogue. Antal is well-distributed in the world of racing boats, large production builders luxury boat builders as well as shipyards building classic boats.

The process of design and manufacturing is aimed at achieving excellence in the final result. Antal’s products are the result of continuous commitment to mechanical innovation, the pursuit of quality and durability of the components both for standard and custom produced products covering the extreme range from racing boats to cruise ships. 

The Antal catalogue presents a diverse variety of deck hardware for sailboats which is evolving continuously. Antal is a leader in the production and innovation of sailboat hardware and is a proud owner of numerous international patents.