Sail Repair

Sail Repair

Multiple ways of saving a trip to the sail maker or quick repairs out on the water!

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PSP Mylar Repair Tape

PSP's Mylar Repair Tape - Various widths and ideal for repairing mylar sails

From £3.55 *

PSP Spinnaker Repair Tape

PSP's Spinnaker Repair Tape - 16 Colours

From £6.95 *

PSP Headlining Fastener

PSP's Headlining Fastener - rigid PVC strip backed with a VHB performance adhesive system

£10.80 *

PSP Kite Repair Tape

PSP's Kite Repair Tape - 16 colours

£12.80 *

PSP Dacron Insignia Repair Tape

PSP's Dacron Insignia Repair Tape - Great for reinforcing batten pockets or making repairs to high load areas

From £10.95 *

PSP Self Adhesive Tell Tales

PSP's Self Adhesive Tell Tales

£11.55 *
In stock

Dr.Sails Sailkit Club

Dr.Sails Sailkit Club - Easy way to fix your sails

£12.85 *

Dr.Sails Pocket (Pack of 3)

Dr Sails 10ml Pocket Epoxy - Pack of 3 and ready for fast repairs

£21.35 *
In stock

PSP Kevlar Repair Tape 75mm x 1.5m

PSP Kevlar Repair Tape 75mm x 1.5m - Ideal for sail repairs

From £15.20 *

Dr.Sails Epoxy Adhesive 25ml

Dr.Sails 25ml Epoxy Adhesive - This is a must have for every sailor - repairs nearly everything including sails and can even be used underwater.

£24.20 *

PSP Kevlar Sail Repair Patch - 24cm x 37cm

PSP Kevlar Sail Repair Patch -  An essential on board emergency kit!

From £22.65 *

Dr.Sails Epoxy Adhesive 265ml

Dr.Sails Epoxy Adhesive 265ml - Big tube for big jobs - Used on Around The World Race

£43.60 *

Dr.Sails Sailkit Race

Dr.Sails Sailkit Race - Easy way to fix your sails

£16.40 *

Dr.Sails Sailkit Pro

Dr.Sails Sailkit Pro - Easy way to repair your sails in an emergency

£16.40 *

Dr.Sails Sailkit Spi

Dr.Sails Sailkit Spi - Quick and easy way to make a reapir to your spinnaker

£12.85 *

Dr.Sails Cleaner

Dr Sails Cleaner - Pack of three single use acetone rag cleaner.

£2.50 *
In stock

PSP Main Sail Leech Tell Tales

PSP Main Sail Leech Tell Tales - Self adhesive for easy applications

£13.95 *
In stock

PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape

PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape - Two width options - 50mm or 100mm

From £7.20 *
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