Lantos is committed to, Sustainability, Innovative Technology that delivers coatings and corrosion protection products making a natural positive balanced contribution to Environmental Protection.

Lantos looks to reduce the use of petrochemical/solvents where possible within the maintenance Industries. Using science, with an understanding of metallurgy, heat, and thermal transfer, these organic natural liquid products, and grease, penetrant, lubricant, preserve, hermetically seal, protect, and prevent onset corrosion. The core of these products is to reduce cathodic reaction and limit diffusion of metal surfaces, creating a natural protective "raincoat" against nature's elements. They act as natural anti-seize, non-toxic corrosive inhibitors providing long-term protection for all metal surfaces against rust acids, alkalines, and salts.

Lantos has developed this "GO GREEN" natural range of corrosion inhibitors, from light lanolin liquid lubricant and greases for markets such as; All Steel, All Aluminium, Agriculture and Turf management, Aerospace, Automotive, Air Conditioning, Bicycles, Building & Construction, Cell Towers, Consumer Markets, Crane Towers, Port Container Cranes, (CUI) Corrosion Under Insulation, Engineering, Electrical Systems, Equipment Storage, Forestry, Forklifts, Geothermal, Industrial HVAC, High Tech, Heavy Mining Vehicles, Home, Hospital Equipment, Marine, Military, Mining, National Parks, Offshore Support Vessels, Oil & Gas, Power Stations, Solar, Shipping, Spare Parts, Textile, Tools and Equipment, Wire Rope, Wind Generation plus more….

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Lanoseal Corrosion Protector Aerosol / Trigger Spray

Lantos_Logo  Lanoseal Corrosion Protector Aerosol Trigger Spray

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