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PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP PTFE Tape - Designed for threading pipe connections

£2.45 *

American Duck Tape Mini Reel 50mm x 5m

American (Used to be known as Jaffa) Tape Mini Reel 50mm x 5m - Bright orange for easy identification, waterproof, very strong and they say better than Gaffa tape.


£2.60 *
In stock


PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's PVC Tape - available in six colours

From £4.10 *

PSP Double Sided Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Double Sided Tape - 50mm x 5m

£4.45 *

PSP Premium Duck Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Premium Duck Tape - Two sizes 5m and 50m with plenty of colours

From £5.35 *

PSP Vinyl Foam 3mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Vinyl Foam 3mm Tape - Plenty of size options in Black or White

From £7.10 *

PSP UV Resistant Duck Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's UV Resistant Duck Tape - and we thought a more robust Duck Tape wasn't possible...

From £8.25 *

PSP Vinyl Double Sided Foam Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Vinyl Double Sided Foam Tape - Two size options 

From £10.30 *

PSP Hook & Loop Fastener

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Hook & Loop Fastener - very adhesive hook and loop.

From £11.05 *

PSP Aluminium Foil Ventilation Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Aluminium Foil Ventilation Tape - Ideal for engine rooms for sealing joints.

From £11.40 *

PSP Vinyl Foam 6mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Vinyl Foam 6mm Tape - Multiple size options perfect for the job

From £13.20 *

PSP Headlining Fastener

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Headlining Fastener - rigid PVC strip backed with a VHB performance adhesive system

£15.60 *

PSP Silicone Tape - 25mm x 3m Roll

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Silicone Tape - 25mm x 3m Roll - Blue, Black or White

£16.70 *

PSP Self Amalgamating Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Self Amalgamating Tape - Reel of tape that bonds to itself NOT your fittings.

£16.90 *

PSP Soft Grip Anti-Slip Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Soft Grip Anti-Slip Tape

From £26.70 *

PSP Spray Stop Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Spray Stop Tape - Two size options and prevents spray out of fuel, water and steam

£29.30 *

PSP Vinyl Foam 12mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Vinyl Foam 12mm Tape - Black only with three size options

From £29.40 *

PSP Monster Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Monster Tape - Extremely strong and UV/salt water resistant

£41.90 *
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