Performance sailing and SUP racing are tight-knit communities. Many of the people who buy Velocitek products are close friends.

Velocitek understand how valuable time on the water is. They want to help you make the most of it with simple, intuitive and elegant electronic instruments.

Doctors have the oath, “First, do no harm”. Velocitek's oath is “First, make sure it does what it’s supposed to.” Their design ethos is best defined by the things they’ve learned not to do.


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Velocitek ProStart Seal Kit

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart Seal Kit

£2.39 / pack(s) *
In stock

Velocitek Dual Lock Rectangle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Dual Lock Rectangle

£8.95 *

Velocitek Classic ProStart Battery Clip

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Classic (non 2020 model) ProStart Battery Clip

£10.50 / pair(s) *
In stock

Velocitek ProStart Storage Case

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart Storage Case - Designed for both ProStart versions

£11.95 *
In stock

Velocitek ProStart Battery Cover

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart Battery Cover

£18.59 *
In stock

Velocitek SpeedPuck Cradle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek SpeedPuck Cradle

£19.95 *
In stock

Velocitek ProStart Cradle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart Cradle

£19.95 *
In stock

Velocitek Mast Bracket Slug for ProStart/ SpeedPuck

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Mast Bracket Slug for ProStart/ SpeedPuck

£19.95 *

Velocitek Prism Cradle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Cradle - Compatible with Velocitek Mast Brackets or any Tacktick Micro Compass bracket 

£19.95 *
In stock

Velocitek Cradle for Shift

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Cradle for Shift

£20.00 *
In stock

Velocitek Prism Battery

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Battery

£41.15 *
In stock

Velocitek Mast Mount for ProStart & SpeedPuck

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Mast Mount for ProStart & SpeedPuck

£65.90 *
In stock

Velocitek Prism Deck Bracket

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Deck Bracket - Ideal for the ILCA 7, 6 and 4 (Laser - Standard, Radial and 4.7)

£69.90 *

Velocitek Prism Lash W Bracket

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Lash W Bracket - Also compatible with ProStart and Speed Puck

£69.90 *
In stock

Velocitek Pole Mounting Bracket

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Spinnaker Pole Mounting Bracket - Designed for catamarans - compatable with Prism, ProStart and SpeedPuck

£95.90 *
In stock

Velocitek SpeedPuck

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek SpeedPuck - The ultimate accurate speedometer and used by World Champions!

£398.90 *


You save £21.10

Velocitek Prism Racing Compass

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Racing Compass - Top of the range electronic compass

£448.90 *


You save £91.10

Velocitek ProStart V2

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart V2 - Including a complimentary £50 VR Super Store Voucher AND Free Delivery within the UK  - The best distance-to-line tool ever just got better, with crystal clear optics, zero-latency navigation, and multicolor backlight

£798.90 *


You save £41.10
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