Tylaska Marine & Aerospace is a manufacturer of premium, highly finished stainless steel hardware used in the marine, industrial and aerospace fields. They are dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations and maintains an ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certified quality management system to meet the stringent requirements of today’s aerospace and military customers.

Tylaska Marine & Aerospace is located in Mystic, Connecticut, a town historically known for sailing and whaling. The original Tylaska shackle evolved from a need to build a quick release mechanism for detaching towed gliders from behind power boats. At the bequest of interested sailors, the design quickly transformed into its present configuration now popular with the sailing industry. Over the years, several other products followed to complement the initial snap shackle.

All of the shackles and their components are made in Connecticut by Tylaska’s team of dedicated workers. Everything is made in the USA; Tylaska is one of the last manufacturers able to make this claim.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Tylaska pursues a different product mission. Instead of looking for ways to cut corners and skimp on quality, Tylaska shackles are aimed to be the best possible product made based upon physics and not economics. Many extra and exotic processes are used differentiating the Tylaska shackle from the normal piece of hardware. The result is a shackle that could pass as a piece of jewelry and exceed the specifications for a part used in the space shuttle. Tylaska shackles are not the least expensive, but they are quite possibly the best. Some people may call it overkill but they call it security and peace of mind for applications where failure is not an option.

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Tylaska Fixed Snap Shackle for KF Furler

Tylaska_Logo Tylaska Fixed Snap Shackle for KF Furler - Available for KF4 & 5, KF8, KF10 and KF12

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Tylaska Removable Snap Shackle for KF Furler

Tylaska_Logo Tylaska Removable Snap Shackle for KF Furler - Available for KF4 & 5 and KF8

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