In 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass, and Silva's story begins.

Not only was it the first compass of its kind, but it also set the global standard for how navigation works upon today. Then, in 1935, Silva launched their first headlamp – Zeiler – and the SILVA brand was born.

Still to this day, Silva develops products for people who spend time on outdoor activities, regardless if the activity is high pulse like running, sailing, skiing, commuting to school or work.

With their products, you can go anywhere you want, at any time of the day, and in any conditions.


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Silva 70 UN/ UNE/ R Compass Mounting Bracket

Silva 70 UN/ UNE/ R Compass Mounting Bracket

£13.00 *
In stock

Silva Clinometer

Silva Clinometer - Super way of checking your keeping your boat flat.

£19.95 *
In stock

Silva MR350 Militaire LED Headlamp

Silva MR350 Militaire LED Headlamp - Camo design with night vision and map reading modes, fully waterproof and lightweight fit

£34.95 *


You save £15.05
In stock

Silva Pocket 7X Monocular

Silva Pocket 7X Monocular - perfect for the pocket, Bak-4 optics high quality glass and ideal for being a pirate!

£29.90 *

Silva Pocket 8X Binoculars

Silva Pocket 8X Binoculars - lightweight and foldable with 122m field of view

£44.90 *

Silva Explore 3 LED Headlamp

Silva Explore 3 LED Headlamp - Powerful, waterproof with generous 'burn' time

£45.20 *


You save £4.80

Silva Explore 4 LED Headlamp

Silva Explore 4 LED Headlamp - Powered by 3 x AAA batteries giving a generous burn time and fully waterproof

£49.90 *

Silva Pocket 10X Binoculars

Silva Pocket 10X Binoculars - lightweight and foldable with 96m field of view
£54.90 *

Silva 58 Kayak SUP

Silva 58 Kayak SUP - Lightweight, Waterproof and steady mounting with straps

£59.90 *

Silva Explore 3X LED Headlamp

Silva Explore 3X LED Headlamp - Fully waterproof, night reading and map reading modes, USB rechargeable battery

£62.40 *


You save £7.60

Silva 85 Compass

Silva 85 Compass - Stable compass for small, fast boats - includes a memory ring for setting desired course

£69.90 *

Silva Explore 4RC LED Headlamp

Silva Explore 4RC LED Headlamp - 

£69.90 *

Silva Access 18WP Waterproof Backpack

Silva Access 18WP Waterproof Backpack  - 18 litre with welded seams and roll closure. Designed for harsh conditions.

£72.90 *


You save £17.10

Silva 70UN Handheld Compass

Silva 70UN Handheld Compass - Multi-functional and can be used in it's bracket too plus it floats too!


£89.90 *

Silva Access 45WP Waterproof Duffel Bag

Silva Access 45WP Waterproof Duffel Bag

£77.90 *


You save £22.10

Silva C58 Compass

Silva C58 Compass - Bracket mounted steering compass designed for movement and optimised for RIBs and powerboats

£79.90 *

Silva Scenic 8 Binoculars

Silva Scenic 8 Binoculars - Wide 114m field of view with twist-up eyecups for optimal sharpness

£79.90 *

Silva Access 25WP Waterproof Backpack

Silva Access 25WP Waterproof Backpack - Rugged, waterproof and multiple pockets - perfect for any type of sailing or adventuring

£87.50 *


You save £22.50

Silva 70P Compass

Silva 70P Compass - Bulk head mount compass with compact size ideal for smaller boats 

£89.95 *

Silva 70UNE Compass

Silva 70UNE Compass - Steering or handheld compass plus it floats - ideal for smaller boats
£116.90 *

Silva 100 P Compass

Silva 100P Compass - Bulkhead mounted compass with high heeling angles

£116.90 *

Silva Epic 10 Binoculars

Silva Epic 10 Binoculars - Waterproof, 10x magnification, no fogging and great optical performance - no wonder Silva named them Epic!

£119.90 *

Silva 70 NBC/FBC Compass

Silva 70 NBC/FBC Compass - Built-in illumination and compensator plus multi-mounting

£134.90 *

Silva 102 B/H Compass

Silva 102 B/H Compass - Double scales with curved lubber lines, heeling scale and built-in illumination

£134.90 *

Silva 103RE Racing Elite Compass

Silva 103RE Racing Elite Compass - Double scale compass for racing allowing sailors to read the actual course on both tacks whilst hiking - popular in the Laser

£152.90 *

Silva 100BC Compass

Silva 100BC Compass - Front reading compass with solid bracket allowing for multiple mounting alternatives including headlining

£159.90 *

Silva 100 B/H Compass

Silva 100 B/H Compass - Bulkhead mounted designed for absolute accuracy, a steady card in all conditions and high heeling angles

£159.90 *

Silva 100 NBC/FBC Compass

Silva 100 NBC/FBC Compass - Multiple mounting options , a main steering scale and direct reading on the vertical edge

£169.90 *

Silva Seal 7 x 50 Binoculars

Silva Seal 7 x 50 Binoculars - Floatable neck strap , waterproof and nitrogen filled to give you the best clear view without fogging up inside.

£179.90 *


You save £45.10

Silva Eterna Marine 3 Binoculars

Silva Eterna Marine 3 Binoculars - Fully waterproof and floatable - perfect for any condition on the boat

£199.90 *
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