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Meridian Zero Floating Key Fob

Meridian_Zero_Logo Floating Key Fob - Ship, Anchor, Wheel or even a Shark - take your pick!

£2.75 *


You save £0.70

Meridian Zero Cork Ball Key Ring

Meridian_Zero_Logo Cork Ball Key Ring

£3.40 *


You save £1.30
In stock

RWO Multicolour Buoy Key Float

RWO-Logo RWO Multicolour Buoy Key Float - Floating Key Ring

£4.05 *

Chums Floating Key Ring

Chums_Logo Chums Floating Key Ring

£5.25 *


You save £2.65

Chums Floating Neo Keychain

Chums_Logo Chums Floating Neo Keychain 

£5.90 *


You save £9.60
In stock

OverBoard 1 Litre Dry Bag

Overboard_Logo OverBoard 1 Litre Dry Pouch - Ideal for all those little items that you need to keep safe and dry when on the water.

£5.95 *

RWO Shackle Key and Spanner

RWO-Logo RWO Shackle Key and Spanner - Ideal for quick access for those jobs on the boat

£6.95 *

Aquapac Keymaster Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Keymaster Case - Perfect for small essentials including electronic car keys and asthma inhaler.

£12.60 *

Wichard Key Ring with Captive Pin Shackle

Wichard_Logo Wichard Key Ring with Captive Pin Shackle

£12.75 *
In stock

Bravo SUP Hand Pump

Bravo_Logo Bravo SUP Hand Pump - High Pressure

£12.95 *


You save £9.05
In stock

Wichard Key Ring with Safety Snap Hook

Wichard_Logo Wichard Key Ring with Safety Snap Hook

£14.90 *
In stock

Aquapac Mini Electronics & iPhone 5 & 6 Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac's Mini Electronics & iPhone case - submersible to 5m and protects your iPhone 5 or 6 or GPS whilst on the water

£16.75 *

Wichard Key Ring with Single Block

Wichard_Logo Wichard Key Ring with Single Block

£16.90 *
In stock

OverBoard 5 Litre Dry Tube Bag

Overboard_Logo OverBoard 5 Litre Dry Tube Bag - Great colour range including Pink, Yellow, Blue and Black

£16.95 *

Aquapac Small Phone Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Small Phone Case - Perfect for Samsung Galaxy S1-S5 and simlar sized phones

£17.80 *

Aquapac iPhone 6 Plus Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac iPhone 6 Plus Case - Great waterproof protection and can be used to a depth of 10m 

£18.25 *


You save £6.05
In stock

Aquapac Belt Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Belt Case - Great for stowing passport, money or cards when out on the water.

£24.80 *

Spinlock Belt Pack

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock's Belt Pack - Great secure velcro pack ideal for belt, toestrap or harness for those essentials on the water

£22.90 *
In stock

Gill Microfibre Towel

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Microfibre Towel - handy for any kit bag or just a beach towel

£19.95 *

Forward WIP Sailing Wiflex Ears Kit

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Wiflex Ears Kit - Great option for the Wiflex Helmet range

£22.95 *
In stock

Forward WIP Sailing Woven Reversible Beanie

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Woven Reversible Beanie - Keep yourself warm and looking good!

£22.95 *

Forward WIP Sailing Visor Cap

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Visor Cap - Summer sailing in style

£24.95 *


In stock

Aquapac Medium Electronics Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Medium Electronics Case - Ideal waterproof protection for Kindle, iPad Mini and Sony Reader

£25.10 *

Aquapac Small Armband Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Small Armband Case - Perfect for listening to music on the go - windsurfing, SUPing or trapezing on your skiff!

£25.10 *

Aquapac Medium Armband Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Medium Armband Case - Great for extreme watersports

£25.10 *

Aquapac Large Armband Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Large Armband Case - Ideal for iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia for when you get out on the water.

£25.10 *

Aquapac Large 'Whanganui' Electronics Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Large 'Whanganui' Electronics Case - Ideal for your iPad and various other tables plus shoulder strap included

£25.10 *

Spinlock Side Pack

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock's Side Pack - Great storage for both essentials and water bottle included too!

£25.90 *


You save £3.00
In stock

Spinlock Elite Hydration Velocity 1.5 Litre Pack

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Elite Hydration Velocity 1.5 Litre Pack  - Ideal for inside the Aero Pro PFD or energy sapping activities

£26.90 *


You save £3.00
In stock

Spinlock Small Waterproof Pack

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Small Waterproof Pack - Two colour options

£27.60 *
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