KARVER was created in 2004 after identifying a gap in the sailing market: the arrival of dyneema textile links to replace stainless steel links (shackles) and an increasing disparity between the advanced design of sailboats and deck fittings, which remained very traditional in appearance.


The founding team, led by Marin Clausin, then had the conviction that there was a place in market to develop a company focussed on technological performance using new highly designed, ultra resistant textile materials.

All new products have technological innovations (about fifteen patents), a bold step forward in the state of the Art design. Product conception is based on the fundamental principle of a simple and efficient technology supported by a sleek design. Developing solutions with racing teams (America's Cup, Hydroptère, Vendée Globe), leading the way in Mechatronics with the integration of load sensors incorporating wireless connectivity in the fittings. Eco-responsible with a carbon footprint from 2009, developing and using bio-sourced materials in place of materials from the oil sector.