KFX Structural Furlers

KFX Structural Furlers

Karver products are renowned across the racing and cruising world for quality of design and performance in the most demanding environments. The Karver furling systems are the 'premier' league with the extensive choice, quality and comprehensive spare options. 

Why choose a flying furler?

  • The furler is a light and removable system that quickly launches the foresails on your sailboat. Free flying sails come as an addition to your genoa so you always fly the best sail depending on the wind and boat direction.
  • A furled sail is easier to handle and can be readily stored below out of the way.
  • The same furler can usually be used for several types of sails: gennakers, stormsails, staysails and more recently on asymetrical spinnakers.
  • The choice to design the Karver furler with a composite spool around the drum was made to protect fingers from getting caught when operating the unit and prevent the furling line from jamming out. As well, it was also designed to enable the furling line to eject when not under tension.

Karver offer a comprehensive Online Support for you to choose the right furler for your boat - CLICK HERE.


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Structural Furlers - The Karver KFX Furler - High Technology:

Installed for 10 years on ocean racing yachts, the KFX structural furlers are the perfect balance of performance and safety with a structural anti-torsion stay, replacing a traditional forestay or inner stay.

Extensive testing and Karver R&D - 8 months of Research and Development with 100's of numerical simulations. Dozens of prototypes including many tests on various bearing types (ceramic, titanium, beryllium bronze, HR steel etc.)

The result is a line of furling units that are compact, light and offer the best performance and ease of use. Karver has produced the benchmark in this category and is still unmatched by it's competitors. 

Karver's range of furling systems fit boats from 6 to 90 metres inc. Ultim Macif, Prince de Bretagne, Actual, HH, APC78, Imoca, Class 40, Swan 50...


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Karver KFX1 Structural Furler

Karver KFX1 Structural Furler - Working Load 1500kg

£1,389.90 *

Karver KFX2 Structural Furler

Karver KFX2 Structural Furler - Working Load 2500kg

£1,979.90 *

Karver KFX5 Structural Furler

Karver KFX5 Structural Furler - Working Load 5000kg

£4,199.90 *
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SPEND £125 - 6 MONTHS OR £250 - ANNUAL (T & C'S APPLY)