PLB - Personal Locator Beacon

PLB - Personal Locator Beacon

PLB - how it works:


As an alternative a 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) could be considered. This is in essence a personal EPIRB. A PLB is registered to a person rather than to a vessel and it is always manually activated. It is again available with or without an integral GPS and once activated it sends the same signal via the same route as an EPIRB to the same destination. Due to a shorter battery life of around 24 hours, the signal will cease transmission sooner than would be the case with the EPIRB. PLB can be used offshore, but are more likely to be the choice for users of smaller boats, RIB and personal watercraft (PWC). Carrying a PLB on your person could also be of advantage if you find yourself unexpectedly in the water either through the boat sinking rapidly or in the event that you have gone overboard.

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McMurdo FastFind PLB Buoyancy Pouch

McMurdo McMurdo FastFind PLB Buoyancy Pouch - Perfect surround protection for your FastFind Personal Locator Beacon

£23.95 *

McMurdo PLB Universal Pouch

McMurdo McMurdo PLB Universal Pouch

£29.90 *
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Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1

Ocean-Signal-Logo Ocean Signal rescueME PLB1 - the worlds' smallest PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

£345.90 *

McMurdo Fastfind 220 PLB

McMurdo McMurdo Fastfind 220 PLB - the world's first Galileo-enabled Personal Locator Beacon

£329.90 *

McMurdo FastFind Ranger PLB

McMurdo McMurdo FastFind Ranger PLB - lifesaving distress beacon designed especially for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers

£329.90 *

McMurdo FastFind Return Link PLB with Galileo/GPS GNSS and RLS (UK)

McMurdo McMurdo FastFind Return Link PLB with Galileo/GPS GNSS and RLS (UK)

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