Mast Climbing Equipment

Mast Climbing Equipment

WARNING The technical information on this website concerning the various activities of work at heights are merely examples and must be integrated and redrafted in the risk assessment phase prior to beginning any activity or work, bearing in mind the specific legislation of each individual country or industry. All use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) must be proceded by specific, professional education and training.

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Spinlock Mast Pro Leg Elastics

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Mast Pro Leg Elastics - Replacement for post 2007 Mast Pro Harness

£10.15 *

C.A.M.P. Goblin Webbing 40cm Lanyard

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Goblin Webbing 40cm Lanyard

£11.90 *

C.A.M.P. Oval Compact 3 Lock Carabiner

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Oval Compact 3 Lock Carabiner - keylock closure prevents snagging during use

£18.40 *

C.A.M.P. Guide XL 3 Lock Carabiner

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Guide XL 3 Lock Carabiner - keylock closure prevents snagging during use.

£18.70 *

C.A.M.P. HMS 3 Lock Carabiner

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. HMS 3 Lock Carabiner - keylock closure prevents snagging during use

£18.90 *

Spinlock Tripping Spike

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Tripping Spike - Ultra lightweight FID

£22.45 *

C.A.M.P. Turbo Foot Loop

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Turbo Foot Loop - use for rope ascent with quick adjustment

£24.90 *

C.A.M.P. Pilot Ascender

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Pilot Ascender - designed for efficient movement along fixed lines

£69.50 *

Marlow Ropes Reel - 11mm Static LSK

Marlow_Reel_Logo Marlow Ropes Reel - 11mm Static LSK - 50, 100 and 500 Metre Reel (Available in White with Black or Red Fleck)

From £134.90 *

Spinlock Mast Pro Harness

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock's Mast Pro Harness is unequalled for safety, working in the rig.

£111.90 *

C.A.M.P. GT Chest Attachment

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. GT Chest Attachment - structure and padding has been shaped for optimal ergonomics

£134.90 *

C.A.M.P. Goblin Fall Arrester

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Goblin Fall Arrester - monumental step forward in safety for anyone who relies on fall arrest systems.

£134.90 *

C.A.M.P. Druid Descender

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Druid Descender - lightweight, compact auto-braking descender

£154.90 *

C.A.M.P. Access Swing Attachment

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Access Swing Attachment - rigid lightweight aluminium alloy seat with padding for prolonged suspension

£159.90 *

C.A.M.P. Access Sit Harness

Camp_Safety_Logo C.A.M.P. Access Sit Harness - developed for long periods of suspension

£254.90 *
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