Kicker/ Vang Keys & Attachments

Kicker/ Vang Keys & Attachments

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Allen Kicker Strap Key - Straight

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's Straight Kicker Strap Key - Simple, effective and popular on single-handed boats

£4.00 *

Holt Curved Kicker Pin

Holt_logo Holt's Curved Kicker Pin - Usually used on various dinghy vangs

£4.85 *


You save £1.85
In stock

Allen Kicking Strap Key - Curved

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's Curved Kicking Strap Key - this is possibly the favourite version of the Kicking Strap Key as the bend makes attaching it to the spar bracket much easier.

£6.50 *
In stock

Allen Kicking Strap Key

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen Kicking Strap Key

£7.39 *
In stock

Selden Vang Eye

Selden_Logo Selden Vang Eye - standard dinghy kicking strap eye

£9.95 *
In stock

VR Race Kit Optimist Vang for 32/40mm Boom

VIRTUAL_RIGGER_Logo VR Race Kit Optimist Dyneema Vang for 32/40mm Boom

£12.90 *
In stock

Optimist Marlow Dyneema Vang 55mm Boom

Optiparts_Logo Optimist Marlow Dyneema Vang for 55mm booms

£12.95 *


You save £0.80
In stock

Selden High Load Vang Eye

Selden_Logo Selden High Load Vang Eye - DISCONTINUED

£19.45 *

Optimist Marlow Dyneema Vang 32/40mm Boom

Optiparts_Logo Optimist Marlow Dyneema Vang for 32 and 40mm Booms

£13.95 *


You save £1.95
In stock

Selden Vang U Bolt

Selden_Logo Selden Vang U Bolt - High-load U Bolt fixed through the mast 

£27.15 *
In stock

Selden Vang Plate 2420 Snipe

Selden_Logo Selden Vang Plate 2420 Snipe - In-track kicker slider

£49.30 *

Selden Swivel Kicker Assembly

Selden_Logo Selden Swivel Kicker Assembly

£247.90 *
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