VR stocks an extensive range of electronics and compasses for both small and big boats - just call or email us if you can't find what you are looking for.

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Velocitek Shift Bulkhead Standoffs

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Shift Bulkhead Standoffs

£7.99 *

Velocitek Dual Lock Rectangle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Dual Lock Rectangle

£8.95 *

Velocitek ProStart Storage Case

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart Storage Case - Designed for both ProStart versions

£11.95 *
In stock

Velocitek ProStart Battery Cover

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart Battery Cover

£18.59 *
In stock

Velocitek SpeedPuck Cradle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek SpeedPuck Cradle

£19.95 *
In stock

Velocitek ProStart Cradle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart Cradle

£19.95 *
In stock

Velocitek Cradle for Shift

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Cradle for Shift

£20.00 *
In stock

Velocitek Prism Cradle

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Cradle - Compatible with Velocitek Mast Brackets or any Tacktick Micro Compass bracket 

£19.95 *
In stock

Navisafe Navilight Glow Torch

Navisafe_Logo Navisafe Navilight Glow Torch - Waterproof and glows - perfect for on the boat or in the water

£24.90 *
In stock

Navisafe - Navi Light Mini

Navisafe_Logo Navisafe - Navi Light Mini - Waterproof torch and super thin so can fit anywhere

£19.40 *


You save £10.50
In stock

Tacktick Micro Cradle

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick's Micro Cradle T065

£29.95 *
In stock

Velocitek Prism Deck Bracket

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Deck Bracket - Ideal for the ILCA 7, 6 and 4 (Laser - Standard, Radial and 4.7)

£64.90 *
In stock

Velocitek Prism Lash W Bracket

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Lash W Bracket - Also compatible with ProStart and Speed Puck

£64.90 *
In stock

Tacktick Micro Compass Deck Bracket T004

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick's Micro Compass Deck Bracket T004 - easy positioning for the T060 in the boat

£59.90 *

Tacktick Micro Compass Strap Bracket T005

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick's Micro Compass Strap Bracket T005 - quick and easy positioning for the T060 on the mast.

£59.90 *
In stock

Tacktick Micro Compass Long Slug Bracket T006

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick's Micro Compass Long Slub Bracket T006 - excellent mount for the mast and allows control lines to flow through the bracket

£59.90 *

Velocitek Mast Mount for ProStart & SpeedPuck

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Mast Mount for ProStart & SpeedPuck

£59.90 *
In stock

Tacktick Micro Compass Cat Pole Bracket T008

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick's Micro Compass Cat Pole Bracket T008 - ideal for mounting the T060 to a spinnaker pole

£69.90 *
In stock

Velocitek Shift Low Profile Bracket

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Shift Low Profile Bracket

£69.90 *

Velocitek Offset Bracket for Shift

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Offset Bracket for Shift

£79.90 *

Velocitek Pole Mounting Bracket

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Spinnaker Pole Mounting Bracket - Designed for catamarans - compatable with Prism, ProStart and SpeedPuck

£83.90 *

Velocitek SpeedPuck

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek SpeedPuck - The ultimate accurate speedometer and used by World Champions! PRE-ORDER ONLY - Available 1st Quarter 2022

£379.90 *


You save £19.10

Tacktick Micro Compass T060

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick's T060 Micro Compass - Amazing piece of kit that seems to do everything except helm the boat!

£314.90 *

Velocitek Prism Racing Compass

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek Prism Racing Compass - new and improved for late 2021* - Top of the range electronic compass

£439.90 *


You save £9.00

Tacktick Micro Compass System T060 & Bracket T005

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick's T060 Micro Compass & Mast Bracket T005 - great package to get you into first place when racing...

£364.90 *

Velocitek ProStart V2

Velocitek_Logo Velocitek ProStart V2 - Including a complimentary £50 VR Super Store Voucher AND Free Delivery within the UK  - The best distance-to-line tool ever just got better, with crystal clear optics, zero-latency navigation, and multicolor backlight

£749.90 *


You save £50.00

Tacktick Micro Compass Soft Protection Pack

Raymarine_Logo Tacktick Micro Compass Soft Protection Pack - Designed to store and protect your T060 'Tacktick' Micro Compass

£29.95 *
In stock
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