PSP Marine Tapes

PSP Marine Tapes

PSP manufacture an extensive range of high quality marine tapes. From their modern production unit in Southampton, the range is distributed throughout the world by a wide network of wholesalers and ultimately available to the end user through retailers like VR Superstore. Look out for PSP, easily recognised by the international flag code 'Papa Sierra Papa'.


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PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP PTFE Tape - Designed for threading pipe connections

£2.55 *


PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's PVC Tape - available in six colours

From £4.30 *

PSP Double Sided Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Double Sided Tape - 50mm x 5m

£4.70 *

PSP Spreader Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Spreader Tape - Self-adhesive waterproof tape

£5.25 *

PSP Mylar Repair Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Mylar Repair Tape - Various widths and ideal for repairing mylar sails

From £5.40 *

PSP Premium Duck Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Premium Duck Tape - Two sizes 5m and 50m with plenty of colours

From £5.65 *

PSP UV Spreader Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP UV Spreader Tape - Available in 10m or 50m lengths

From £6.00 *

PSP Vinyl Foam 3mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Vinyl Foam 3mm Tape - Plenty of size options in Black or White

From £7.50 *

PSP UV Resistant Duck Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's UV Resistant Duck Tape - and we thought a more robust Duck Tape wasn't possible...

From £8.70 *

PSP Spinnaker Repair Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Spinnaker Repair Tape - 16 Colours

From £10.60 *

PSP Grip Kit

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Grip Kit - soft grip which coils around tiller extensions, windsurf booms, kite and ski handles.

£11.20 *
In stock

PSP Vinyl Double Sided Foam Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Vinyl Double Sided Foam Tape - Two size options 

From £10.80 *

PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape - Two width options - 50mm or 100mm

From £10.95 *

PSP Safety Tread Anti-Slip Tape - Pack 10 Strips

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Safety Tread Anti-Slip Tape - Pack 10 Strips - White, Black or Clear

£11.90 / pack(s) *

PSP Hook & Loop Fastener

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Hook & Loop Fastener - very adhesive hook and loop.

From £11.65 *

PSP Aluminium Foil Ventilation Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Aluminium Foil Ventilation Tape - Ideal for engine rooms for sealing joints.

From £12.05 *

PSP Vinyl Foam 6mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Vinyl Foam 6mm Tape - Multiple size options perfect for the job

From £13.90 *

PSP Go Fast Colour Stripes 12mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Go Fast Colour Stripes 12mm Tape - Stylish colour options for your boat

From £15.05 *

PSP Course Cards

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Course Cards - 15 Pack

£16.10 *
In stock

PSP Fix-It Holder

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Fix-It Holder - Strap in your bottle or whatever widget you like..

£14.60 *

PSP Headlining Fastener

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Headlining Fastener - rigid PVC strip backed with a VHB performance adhesive system

£15.60 *

PSP Safety Tread Anti-Slip Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Safety Tread Anti-Slip Tape - Multiple Lengths, Widths and Colour Options

From £17.15 *

PSP Dacron Insignia Repair Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Dacron Insignia Repair Tape - Great for reinforcing batten pockets or making repairs to high load areas

From £16.70 *

PSP Mast Collar Self Amalgamating Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Mast Collar Self Amalgamating Tape - 100mm x 1.5m - Black or White

£17.15 *

PSP Colour Stripe 19mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Colour Stripe 19mm Tape - 15 colours and available in 10m or 50m lengths

From £17.20 *

PSP Self Adhesive Tell Tales

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Self Adhesive Tell Tales

£16.70 *
In stock

PSP Silicone Tape - 25mm x 3m Roll

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Silicone Tape - 25mm x 3m Roll - Blue, Black or White

£17.60 *

PSP Self Amalgamating Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Self Amalgamating Tape - Reel of tape that bonds to itself NOT your fittings.

£17.80 *

PSP Reflexite Grid Pattern

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP's Reflexite Grid Pattern - reflective safety tape

From £17.90 *

PSP Colour Stripe 20mm Tape

PSP-Marine-Tapes-Logo PSP Colour Stripe 20mm Tape - 10m or 50m lengths with 15 colours

From £18.10 *
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