Hot Knives, Lighters, Splicing Kits & other accessories

Hot Knives, Lighters, Splicing Kits & other accessories

VR Super Store supplies an extensive stock of lighters, splicing kits, needles, hot knifes and whipping twines - just take your pick...

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Marlow Ropes - Tape

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes - Reel of Tape - Use when splicing or hot knifing rope for a professional clean cut look.

£4.65 *
In stock

D-Splicer Spare Needle 1.5mm x 26cm

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Spare Needle 1.5mm x 26cm

£7.65 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Whipping Twine Spool

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes - Whipping Twine Spool - No.2, No.4 and No.8 sizes (No.2 & No.8 - White with No.4 - White, Red, Black, Blue, Gold and Green)

From £6.15 *

D-Splicer Spare Needle 1.0mm x 24cm

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Spare Needle 1.0mm x 24cm

£6.65 *
In stock

RWO Shackle Key and Spanner

RWO-Logo RWO Shackle Key and Spanner - Ideal for quick access for those jobs on the boat

£6.95 *

Meridian Zero Pocket Locking Rope Knife

Meridian_Zero_Logo Pocket Rope Knife - Locking blade and ideal for rope cutting and general jobs on the boat. 

£8.95 *


You save £2.00
In stock

Clamcleat Power Grip I CL261

Clamcleat_Logo Clamcleat Power Grip I - Great piece of kit for getting additional tension on your ropes

£9.10 *

Wichard Forged Shackle Key

Wichard_Logo Wichard Forged Shackle Key - Super strong for any shackle problem

£10.60 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Riggers Splicing Needle Small

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes - Riggers Splicing Small Needle

£10.80 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Swedish Fid

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes Swedish Fid - Small or Large - Old school splicing 

From £11.70 *

Wichard Cordura Knife Sheath

Wichard_Logo Wichard Cordura Knife Sheath - Smart black sheath for your knife or multi-tool

£13.25 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Sailmakers Palm

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes Sailmakers Palm - Great addition to the splcing toolbox and saves a lot of pain!

£13.40 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Riggers Splicing Needle Large

Marlow_Logo Marlow's Riggers Splicing Large Needle

£13.70 *
In stock

Turboflame Original GX7 Lighter

Turboflame_Logo Turboflame Original GX7 Lighter - The Mini Blow Torch (Available in Olive Green)

£14.55 *


You save £4.35
In stock

Turboflame Phoenix Storm Lighter

Turboflame_Logo Turboflame Phoenix Storm Lighter - Essential for any outdoor enthusiast

£14.55 *


You save £4.35
In stock

Turboflame Orange Flame VFR2

Turboflame_Logo Turboflame Orange Flame VFR2 - Great for burning Dyneema and other ropes.

£15.45 *


You save £4.45
In stock

Turboflame Turbostik Lighter

Turboflame_Logo Turboflame Turbostik Lighter - Ideal for indoor or outdoor tasks and windproof (Available in Red only)

£15.45 *


You save £4.45
In stock

Selma 4mm and 5.5mm Doublebraid Fid Set

Selma_Logo Selma 4mm and 5.5mm Doublebraid Fid Set - Pair of needles suitable for 3-6mm rope

£16.50 *
In stock

Lewmar Baby Delta Anchor Bottle Opener

Lewmar-Logo Lewmar Baby Delta Anchor Bottle Opener - Handy for the boat or home

£16.90 *

D-Splicer Fixed Needle F10

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F10 - Designed for up to 2mm rope

£17.65 *
In stock

D-Splicer Fixed Needle F15

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F15 - Designed for up to 2-4mm rope

£18.25 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Excel Splicing Needle

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes Excel Splicing Needle - Perfect tool for splicing and tapering

£18.55 *
In stock

D-Splicer Soft Fid

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Soft Fid - Strong and easy to use splcing fid for ropes.

From £18.65 *

D-Splicer Fixed Needle F20

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F20 - Designed for up to 4-6mm rope

£18.65 *
In stock

D-Splicer Fixed Needle F25

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F25 - Designed for up to 6-8mm rope

£19.20 *
In stock

Meridian Zero Rope Seal 'Toolbox' Hot Knife

Meridian_Zero_Logo Meridian Zero's Rope Seal Toolbox Hot Knife - amazing value for 'a must have' piece of kit for your toolbox!

£19.95 *


You save £7.95

Marlow Ropes - William Smith Mixed Needles 13-19

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes - William Smith Allsorted Sail Makers Needles - Pack of five 

£21.05 *
In stock

D-Splicer Fixed Professional XL 15 Needle

D-Splicer_Logo D-Splicer Fixed Professional XL 15 Needle - Extra long. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

£21.60 *

Spinlock Tripping Spike

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Tripping Spike - Ultra lightweight FID

£22.45 *

Marlow Ropes - Splicing Guide

Marlow_Logo Marlow Ropes - Splicing Guide

£24.35 *
In stock
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