Established in 1937, customers around the world associate the McMurdo brand, with the Commercial shipping SOLAS required Cospas Sarsat 406MHz distress beacon, the EPIRB and the smaller individual beacon the FastFind PLB.

The McMurdo brand is a global leader in marine electronics, synonymous with quality, marine safety and technology innovation, including the world’s first compact PLB, the first AIS EPIRB and the first distress beacons utilising Galileo. Although best known for GMDSS equipment for commercial vessels, the portfolio includes AIS SARTs, GMDSS Radio, AIS MOB devices, PLBs, AIS Electronics and EPIRBs for customers in the leisure, fishing, workboat, military and search and rescue customers.


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McMurdo Fastfind Survival Kit

McMurdo McMurdo Fastfind Survival Kit - containing practical and essential items you need to stay put and get found.

£14.95 / pack(s) *
In stock

McMurdo FastFind PLB Buoyancy Pouch

McMurdo McMurdo FastFind PLB Buoyancy Pouch - Perfect surround protection for your FastFind Personal Locator Beacon

£23.95 *

McMurdo PLB Universal Pouch

McMurdo McMurdo PLB Universal Pouch

£29.90 *
In stock

McMurdo Single Shoulder Backpack 3 Litre

McMurdo McMurdo Single Shoulder Backpack 3 Litre - Ideal for small emergency 'grab' bag

£33.50 *

McMurdo Duffle Bag 50 Litre

McMurdo McMurdo Duffle Bag 50 Litre - Ideal for emergency 'grab' bag

£60.90 *

McMurdo Shoulder Back Pack 35 Litre

McMurdo McMurdo Shoulder Back Pack 35 Litre - Ideal for emergency 'grab' bag

£67.90 *

McMurdo EPIRB Hydrostatic Release Unit

McMurdo McMurdo EPIRB Hydrostatic Release Unit

£103.90 *

McMurdo SmartFind M15 AIS Receiver

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind M15 AIS Receiver - ideally suited for vessels, where the complexity of an AIS Class A Transponder is not necessary

£217.90 *

McMurdo FastFind Crew1 AIS MOB

McMurdo McMurdo FastFind Crew1 AIS MOB - a AIS Man Overboard Device with a range of features

£261.90 *

McMurdo SmartFind M15S AIS Receiver with Splitter

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind M15S AIS Receiver with splitter

£309.90 *

McMurdo Fastfind 220 PLB

McMurdo McMurdo Fastfind 220 PLB - the world's first Galileo-enabled Personal Locator Beacon

£329.90 *

McMurdo FastFind Ranger PLB

McMurdo McMurdo FastFind Ranger PLB - lifesaving distress beacon designed especially for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers

£329.90 *

McMurdo FastFind Return Link PLB with Galileo/GPS GNSS and RLS (UK)

McMurdo McMurdo FastFind Return Link PLB with Galileo/GPS GNSS and RLS (UK)

£395.90 *

McMurdo SmartFind E8 EPIRB

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind E8 EPIRB with standard manual bracket, auto-housing and Foreign Flagged options

McMurdo SmartFind S5A AIS SART

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind S5A AIS SART - Designed for life rafts enhancing the search and rescue beacon range.

£559.90 *

McMurdo SmartFind G8 EPIRB

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind G8 EPIRB - Options include Auto-housing and Foreign Flagged Vessels

McMurdo SmartFind M10W AIS Class B Transponder

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind M10W AIS Class B Transponder

£824.90 *

McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB - Options include Auto-housing and Foreign Flagged Vessels

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