Hiking Pants

Hiking Pants

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Gill Seat Pads

Gill's Seat Pads - Deck protection which can be cut to size and used in a number of Gill shorts and trousers

£20.90 *

Gill Junior Pro Impact Shorts 2020

Gill's Junior Pro Impact Shorts - Great protection when sailing in your dinghy or yacht

£31.50 *


You save £18.50
In stock

Magic Marine Pro Hiking Pads

Magic Marine Pro Hiking Pads - For a tailored fit

£34.90 *


You save £10.10

NeilPryde Sailing Junior Elite Hikepad Shorts

NeilPryde's Elite Junior Hikepadz Shorts - excellent to be used either on their own in the summer or underneath your wetsuit or long john

£39.95 *


You save £20.00

Gill Pro Impact Shorts 2020

Gill's Pro Impact Shorts 2020 - Ideal protection when sitting on the rail on their own or underneath your shorts

£42.50 *


You save £31.50

Gill Race Womens Leggings

Gill Race Womens Leggings SIZE 14 ONLY - Base layer for both UV and bruise protection


£44.90 *


You save £7.60
In stock

Forward WIP Sailing Hiking Pads

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Hiking Pads - Tailor made for any sailor to get out and hike for longer.

From £39.90 / pair(s) *

Windesign Junior Hiking Pants

Windesign Junior Hiking Pants - Ideal for wearing over the drysuit or wetsuit

£58.65 *

Gill Impact Shorts

Gill Impact Shorts - Great protection when hiking out on the side deck

£73.90 *

Gill Race Gravity Hiking Shorts

Gill Race Gravity Hiking Shorts - Lightweight waterproof hikers

£84.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing Junior 2mm Hiking 3/4 Neo Short with Pads

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Junior 2mm Hiking 3/4 Neo Short with Pads - Under or over your kit or own their own - great for any aspiring junior racer

£89.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing 2mm Hiking 3/4 Neo Short

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing's 2mm Hiking 3/4 Neo Shorts - Superb protection for the knees and backside plus hiking pad compatable - ideal for skiffs, catamarans and SUPing

£89.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing Action Pant

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Action Pant - Designed for sitting 'On The Rail' - great padding and all round protection

£119.90 *

Gill Race Equilibrium Hiker

Gill Race Equilibrium Hiker - Full length 6/3.5mm neoprene for warmth and protection

£177.90 *
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