Aquapac's products are used by hikers, mountain climbers, holiday makers and water sports enthusiasts. Also used by Search & Rescue and Emergency Services, Coast Guards, Lifeguards, forestry managers, shipping companies and by many other outdoor workers all over the world.


They have supplied some of the leading companies and organisations in the world with bespoke products: Nokia, Sony, Jaguar, Range Rover, the Winter Olympic Games, the Royal Navy, the US Coast Guard and many others.

Their mission is simple: design and manufacture high quality products. Aquapac's submersible cases are all made in their own factory. They design and sub contract the manufacturing of their back packs, day sacks and other splashproof products to trusted suppliers in the Far East who have proven records in these fields. Aquapac offset their environmental impact every year in everything they do. 


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Aquapac PackDividers Drybags 4 Litre

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac's PackDividers Drybag 4 Litre - Great tidy bag for stowing away valuables

£8.90 *


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In stock

Aquapac PackDividers Drybags 2 Litre

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac PackDividers Drybag 2 Litre - Ideal for packing away little bits on the boat

£9.90 *

Aquapac PackDividers Drybags 8 Litre

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac's PackDivider Drysack 8 Litre - Coloured co-ordinated drybag for protecting valuables on the boat or board

£13.90 *

Aquapac PackDividers Drybags 13 Litre

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac's PackDivider Drysack 13 Litre - Keep all your valuables dry onboard.

£14.90 *

Aquapac Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag

£15.90 *



Aquapac Keymaster Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Keymaster Case - Perfect for small essentials including electronic car keys and asthma inhaler.

£16.20 *

Aquapac iPhone 6 Plus Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac iPhone 6 Plus Case - Great waterproof protection and can be used to a depth of 10m 

£18.25 *


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In stock

Aquapac Small VHF Classic Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Small VHF Classic Case - Floating and submersible protection for your radio

£29.60 *

Aquapac Large VHF Classic Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Large VHF Classic Case - Floating and submersible protection for your radio

£20.80 *


You save £10.30
In stock

Aquapac Mini Electronics & iPhone 5 & 6 Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac's Mini Electronics & iPhone case - submersible to 5m and protects your iPhone 5 or 6 or GPS whilst on the water

£21.90 *

Aquapac Belt Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Belt Case - Great for stowing passport, money or cards when out on the water.

£29.90 *

Aquapac Small Armband Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Small Armband Case - Perfect for listening to music on the go - windsurfing, SUPing or trapezing on your skiff!

£31.10 *

Aquapac Medium Electronics Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Medium Electronics Case - Ideal waterproof protection for Kindle, iPad Mini and Sony Reader

£32.10 *

Aquapac Large Armband Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Large Armband Case - Ideal for iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia for when you get out on the water.

£32.10 *

Aquapac Large 'Whanganui' Electronics Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Large 'Whanganui' Electronics Case - Ideal for your iPad and various other tables plus shoulder strap included

£34.30 *

Aquapac Large Waterproof Phone Case with Headphone Jack

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Large Waterproof Phone Case with Headphone Jack - Listen to your tracks on or under the water.

£35.10 *

Aquapac Small VHF Pro Case

Aquapac-Logo Aquapac Small VHF Pro Case - Top of the range submersible protectionfor your radio

£52.10 *
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