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Buoyancy Aids

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Spinlock Elite Hydration Velocity 1.5 Litre Pack

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Elite Hydration Velocity 1.5 Litre Pack  - Ideal for inside the Aero Pro PFD or energy sapping activities

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Gill Junior Pursuit Buoyancy Aid

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Junior Pursuit Buoyancy Aid - Great colour range for any young sailor

£59.90 *

Spinlock Alto 75N Flotation Aid Belt Pack

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Alto 75N Flotation Aid Belt Pack - Lightweight, compact inflatable floatation device worn around the waist - perfect for SUPing and any other water sports.

£60.60 *

Gill Pursuit Buoyancy Aid

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Pursuit Buoyancy Aid - Great new colours and size range

£74.90 *

Spinlock Wing Buoyancy Aid

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock's Wing PFD - Very high spec buoyancy aid - worn by the BAR Team so no better recommendation than Sir Ben!

£70.90 *

Spinlock Foil Front Zip Buoyancy Aid

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Foil Front Zip Buoyancy Aid - Low profile for great access around the boat

£70.90 *

Forward Watersports Light Buoyancy 50N Vest

Forward-Watersports-Logo Forward Watersports Light Buoyancy 50N Vest - Perfect for any type of watersports whilst 50N buoyancy (EN ISO 12402-5 compliant)

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Forward Watersports FLOW Neo Buoyancy Vest

Forward-Watersports-Logo Forward Watersports FLOW Neo Buoyancy Vest - 50N and built for impact

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Forward Watersports Kompact 50N Vest

Forward-Watersports-Logo Forward Watersports Kompact 50N Vest - Impact tested and unique Waist Foil Harness zone design

From £124.90 *

Forward Watersports Wing Neo Vest 50N

Forward-Watersports-Logo Forward Watersports Wing Neo Vest 50N - Hook for the Wing Line included

£129.90 *


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Forward Watersports Impact Vest 50N

Forward-Watersports-Logo Forward Watersports Impact Vest 50N - The world's top sailing teams preferred choice with high-density foam and low profile.

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Spinlock Aero Pro PFD

Spinlock_Logo Spinlock Aero Pro PFD - a new step into the future of personal flotation devices - designed for the extreme! 

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