EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

EPIRB - how it works:


EPIRB manufacturers normally offer two types of fixing brackets for the EPIRB - manual or automatic. With a manual bracket human intervention is required to remove the EPIRB from its bracket before its activation. The automatic bracket is designed to automatically release the EPIRB from its housing as the vessel sinks; once in contact with salt water, the EPIRB should start to transmit its emergency signal without you having to do a thing. The location of the EPIRB needs to be carefully thought through, especially if you decide on an automatic bracket, in which case the EPIRB must be in a position that enables it to be freely released should your boat founder, but which also affords it protection from accidental damage by crew or from being accidentally wet (or worse still washed overboard) and prevents it from being removed or stolen when the boat is unattended. A manually activated beacon is usually either clipped on the bulkhead, just inside the companionway or is kept in the life raft grab bag.

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McMurdo EPIRB Hydrostatic Release Unit

McMurdo McMurdo EPIRB Hydrostatic Release Unit

£103.90 *

McMurdo SmartFind E8 EPIRB

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind E8 EPIRB with standard manual bracket, auto-housing and Foreign Flagged options

Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB 1 (Cat 2)

Ocean-Signal-Logo Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB 1 (Cat 2) - The worlds most compact Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon

£529.90 *

Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB 1 Pro (Cat 1)

Ocean-Signal-Logo Ocean Signal SafeSea EPIRB 1 Pro (Cat 1) - operates in the 406MHz satellite band.

£729.90 *

McMurdo SmartFind G8 EPIRB

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind G8 EPIRB - Options include Auto-housing and Foreign Flagged Vessels

McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB

McMurdo McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB - Options include Auto-housing and Foreign Flagged Vessels

From £1,154.90 *

Ocean Signal Safesea EPIRB3 PRO

Ocean-Signal-Logo Ocean Signal Safes EPIRB3 PRO - full-featured 406MHz global rescue beacon that comes with an auto-release float-free bracket 

£983.90 / pack(s) *
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