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Gul Junior Rashguard Long Sleeve

Gul_Logo_2022 Gul's Junior Rashguard LS Junior Small - classic surfers junior baselayer with great UV protection

£10.90 *


You save £11.60

NeilPryde Sailing Junior Elite Rashguard

NeilPryde_Sailing_Logo NeilPryde Sailing's Elite Junior Rashguard - Fantastic UV protection whilst looking very cool!

£24.95 *


You save £10.50

Gill Junior Pro Rash Vest Long Sleeve

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Junior Pro Rash Vest Long Sleeve - Great colour range and 50+UV protection on the land or water

£25.95 *

Gill Hydrophobe Junior Top - 2022

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Hydrophobe Junior Top - 2022 - Great base layer for keeping you warm and UV protected

£36.90 *


You save £5.10

Gill Hydrophobe Junior Trousers

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Hydrophobe Junior Trousers - Under drysuit, wetsuit, long johns or shorts - these will keep you warm and UV 50+ protected

£38.90 *

Gill Junior Short Cruising Boot

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Junior Short Cruising Boot - Ideal for the dinghy park or sailing around on the yacht

£41.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing Junior Elite Hikepad Shorts

NeilPryde_Sailing_Logo NeilPryde's Elite Junior Hikepadz Shorts - excellent to be used either on their own in the summer or underneath your wetsuit or long john

£39.95 *


You save £20.00

Gill Junior Aero Boot

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Junior Aero Boot - Ideal for getting out on the wire with super grip

£53.90 *

Gill Zenlite Junior Shorts

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Zenlite Junior Shorts - 2mm neoprene giving protection and additonal warmth

£49.90 *

Gill Dinghy Junior Spray Top

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Dinghy Junior Spray Top - Two colours - Orange and Ocean Blue

£54.90 *

Gill Junior Tall Yachting Boot

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Junior Tall Yachting Boots - Ideal for launching your dinghy or cruising around the coast

£54.90 *

Gill Junior Pursuit Buoyancy Aid

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Junior Pursuit Buoyancy Aid - Great colour range for any young sailor

£59.90 *

Gill Zenlite Junior Trousers

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Zenlite Junior Trousers - Alternative to long john and ideal for summer

£67.90 *

Gill Junior Edge Boot

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Junior Edge Boot - Ideal for hiking out in your Oppie or Tera dinghy

£62.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing Youth Elite Firewire 3mm Top

NeilPryde_Sailing_Logo NeilPryde Sailing's Youth Elite Firewire 3mm Top - Stay warm for winter with this amazing neoprene outer layer designed for youth and junior sailors

£59.95 *


You save £30.00

Gill Zenlite Junior Top

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Zenlite Junior Top - 1.5mm Neo and ideal for warmer climates

£67.90 *

Gill Zenlite Junior Skiff Suit

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Zenlite Junior Skiff Suit - Great value for most sailing conditions

£79.90 *

Gill Zentherm Junior Top

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Zentherm Junior To - Super stretchy and soft 2.5mm neoprene

£84.90 *

Gill Zentherm Skiff Junior Suit

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Zentherm Skiff Junior Suit  - Great quality 3mm neoprene long john - Highly Recommended!

£99.90 *

Gill ThermoShield Junior Top

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill ThermoShield Junior Top - Colour range - Steel Grey and Ocean Blue

£99.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing Youth Elite Firewire 3mm Long John

NeilPryde_Sailing_Logo NeilPryde Sailing's Youth Elite Firewire 3mm Long John - Serious protection from the cold - nothing better available and VR recommended!

£99.90 *


You save £45.05

Gill Junior Drysuit

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Junior Drysuit - 3 layer fabric construction for super dry and warmth

£329.90 *


You save £45.00
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